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Friday, March 23, 2018

Media: Russian mathematician has found a way to always win at the casino

Mathematician, programmer and hacker from St. Petersburg, working under the pseudonym Alex, managed to figure out what is the algorithm for working slot machines — slot machines located in casino and also known as one-armed bandits. Moreover, Russian hackers have developed a scheme that allows a group of four people a week to win 250 thousand dollars.

photo: pixabay.com

As reports Wired, Alex studied mathematics at one of the most prestigious universities of Russia, and also spent two years at the Academy of the FSB. One of the aspects of programming, which the Russian hacker specializiruetsya are the pseudo-random number generator — true random number generator on the computer to create impossible, therefore, as to its similarity to perform special algorithms.

Once one of the casinos in St. Petersburg turned to Alex with a request to reprogram slot machines to bring more profit to the owner. After that, the hacker is interested in slot machines and, after a careful examination of how they work, managed to crack the algorithm in which they operate. Subsequently, Alex has developed a scheme that requires four agents, almost not needing special training. Analyzing the results generated by the machine, the agents can calculate when to them there comes a “time” win. At this point one of the members of the scheme approach to the “one-armed bandit” and pulling the lever, then wins. Of the 250 thousand dollars, which weekly earns each group, 90 percent goes to the organizer.

As reported, turning the casino into a source of stable income, Alex didn’t stop. He started to blackmail some of the casino, which employs his agents, offering to pay a ransom to those no longer worked in the area. Reportedly, some casino owners were ready to accept such a deal.

In an interview with Wired Alex admitted that sometimes he wants to put them hacked the algorithm and software used for public access as soon as he decide to leave an unusual “business”. Hacker believes that this led to would to some semblance of “zombie Apocalypse” and eradicate “armed bandits” as a phenomenon.

The hacker not only does not consider their actions a crime, but perceives them almost romantically — business owners of slot machines means that casinos always win, and Alex, in his own opinion, in a sense, restores justice


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