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Sunday, March 18, 2018

McCain provokes trump: who wants to fight Senator

Another exchange of threats between the United States and North Korea not only provoked a growth of tension on the Korean Peninsula. The harsh words of the President of trump’s readiness to respond to Pyongyang’s “fire and fury” was criticized in the American political environment. The well-known Senator”hawk” McCain chided the head of state that he makes strong statements without being willing to bring them to life. However, according to the respondents “MK”, the Senator’s words may push trump to extreme measures. However, the consequences for the US President is unpredictable.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Recall that a new round of aggravation of relations between Washington and Pyongyang came after a vote in the UN security Council on the proposed American side of the resolution. The document, in particular, involves the introduction of new restrictions on North Korea in connection with its ongoing missile and nuclear tests. Of course, the adoption of the resolution once again angered Pyongyang.

Later, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) published the statement of the representative of the strategic forces of the Korean people’s Army (kPa) on the readiness of the DPRK to strike at the United States military facilities on GUAM. The reason for a possible attack Pyongyang called “demonstrative military exercises” conducted by the Americans with nuclear strategic bombers, based on this Pacific island.

The US President Donald trump, in turn, promised that, in case of attack by North Koreans on American targets, North Korea will suffer “fire and fury, which did not face the world.”

These words have drawn criticism from John McCain. The Senator, who can hardly be accused of sympathizing with North Korea, stressed that I do not quite understand, trump said, because promises should be the ability to implement them. “All the outstanding leaders I know, has not resorted to threats, if they could not comply with them, – said McCain in an interview with American radio station KTAR. And I’m not sure that trump is able to act (in accordance with his promises)”.

According to associate Professor of American studies, school of international relations St. Petersburg state University Ivan TSVETKOV, yet indeed it is unclear whether the US President to realize the threat. But McCain’s statement it could to encourage it.

“The situation around the North Kore is now extremely difficult, and it really is largely related to the psychological trap that pushes himself the tramp, – said Ivan Tsvetkov in an interview with “MK”. In this case I agree with Senator McCain: do intelligent leaders make statements such trompowsky, only in case of real willingness to strike. The problem is the current US President is that while it is still categorized reasonable leaders can not be attributed. And now arose the uncertainty in some way worse than some severe certainty: if a strike North Korea threatened a serious leader, known for his consistency, it could have a real deterrent effect on Pyongyang and reduce tensions. Now, no one knows how to lead a trump. Once he had attacked in Syria, but what he has in mind is unclear. There is a danger that under the influence of statements like Makarovsky, the President of the United States really dare to fighting. Especially against the background of statements of Pyongyang’s readiness to strike at GUAM such specific statements from North Korea have not been. And all these factors can lead to the fact that trump could, as they say, “hit the ceiling”.

In this matter the President of the United States are the least dependent on Congress, namely from the commander in chief in such situations require a quick solution, he had a free hand. And if the blow will be struck, it will continue to happen, what always happens in case of wars and conflicts. If all will develop in favor of America, the congressmen will take it on “hurrah” and trump would be considered a great President. If the consequences for the US are negative, then the President will be in a very difficult situation, there is not far to impeachment. Therefore, the decision of trump on the impact on the DPRK will not change anything in his relationship with Congress. But the consequences of this decision may well be negative for him.”


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