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Monday, March 12, 2018

Hurt themselves: why Ukraine terminated the contract on the export of weapons

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced the termination of the Russian-Ukrainian agreement on cooperation in the sphere of export of military products to third countries. The Treaty entered into force in 2004, but in 2014 actually lost its significance, as the Ukrainian authorities forbade any military-technical cooperation with Moscow. How many missed opportunities of the state in this regard, “MK” decided to find out the main reactor of the magazine “national defense” Igor KOROTCHENKO.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Ukraine has always been more dependent on this contract, than Russia, as they have fewer opportunities in terms of production and supply of weapons, as well as marketing support for this process. The meaning of this agreement involves the implementation of the Russian production, which has a certain proportion of Ukrainian components.

At the moment Russia has carried out import substitution and almost all positions is no longer dependent on Ukrainian supplies. If I am not mistaken, in 2018, will be closed on the last point: we begin to independently produce a gas turbine engine for combat ships. In terms of arms deliveries abroad in Russia, too, there is no problem, as Rosoboronexport has a wide network of offices around the world. Thus, by and large, at the moment Russia has nothing to lose from a rupture of the agreement with Ukraine. In turn, Kiev has suffered in this regard, serious damage.

– Previously stated about trying to save the Antonov, is it still possible?

– The decision on liquidation of the concern “Antonov” has already been taken, this means that design offices will also die. The fate of the last competent staff in Ukraine is not enviable. Most likely, they will become intellectual appendage, for example, Chinese developers, which will suck of them all. However, the school “Antonov”, located on the world level, will be destroyed, and Ukraine will lose one of the most important elements of the Soviet legacy.

– What weapons can trade modern Ukraine?

– All twenty years of independence Ukraine was engaged in that sold the stocks of Soviet weapons. The fact that on the territory of the USSR there were three frontline military districts: Carpathian, Kiev and Odessa. There were warehouses with huge stocks of weapons in case of war the USSR and the Warsaw Pact with NATO. After the collapse of the Soviet Union all went to Ukraine, which began to sell their heritage around the world, including on the “black market”. It is known that the supply of the middle East, Africa and so on. However, these stocks objectively to an end, and the remains were thrown into the zone ATO.

If we talk about some new contracts, it is known that Kiev is trying to sign contracts for the supply of tanks and armored vehicles to the middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. With this in Iraq in connection with this scandal because of the quality of Ukrainian armor. Baghdad returned to Kiev the whole lot cracked BTR. In addition and turning specialists of “Antonov” in the intellectual appendage to foreign projects, the Ukrainian authorities boasts more than nothing.


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