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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Do as Ramzan Kadyrov showed an example of opponents of “Matilda”

In the chorus of opponents of the movie “Matilda” finally famous soloist. The soloist, as we remember, was from the beginning — Natalia Poklonskaya, Prosecutor, Deputy and finally, just beautiful. But what could one frail woman against the host of uncontrolled liberal atheists? Help came indeed from not waiting. To protect Orthodox shrines stood the leaders of the Muslim North Caucasus republics, in the first place — Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the region, where Sharia law is treated as a minimum with no less reverence than the laws of the Russian Federation.

Kadyrov sent a letter to the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky, strongly asking him to exclude the Chechen Republic from the distribution certificate for the film “Matilda”. The arguments in principle, all familiar: “Deliberate mockery of the religious feelings of the people… the Desecration of shrines and centuries-old history of the peoples of Russia… the Findings of the comprehensive psycho-linguistic, cultural and historical research… Building information impact on the population of Russia… for the erosion of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values…”

From the usual duty of the “set of antimadridista” letter distinguishes the reference to the immortal feats of the savage division, which was “one of the most reliable military units and the pride of the Russian army” and “until the end of its existence, remained faithful to the king”. For reference: the Caucasian native cavalry division, consisting mainly of Muslims — natives of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia, was formed in the beginning of the First world war in August 1914. Ceased to exist in January 1918.

It is clear, what purpose is woven into the line is born: in order to show that “Matilda” offends not only the Orthodox but also the descendants of the wild horsemen, Holy honoring the “glorious traditions of the ancestors”. However, arguing that the wild division remained loyal to the monarch until his last hour, Ramzan some sin against the truth. In this regard, the division did not differ from other units of the Russian Imperial army. Exactly the same as the rest of the soldiers, the brave mountaineers, not articas, overthrew the king supported the February revolution and swore loyalty to the new authorities. And the commander at the time of the division, Prince Dmitry Bagration went in all senses even further: after the Bolshevik revolution joined the red army and became head of the Highest cavalry school of the red army.

Well, that’s not it. In the end, the right and even the duty of the head of region to guard the interests of not only fellow Muslims, but also representatives of other faiths, no matter how small amount of they here lived. In accordance, clearly, with their ideas about these aspirations. Unusual is: the head of the region had long been asking permission from the centre and for much more serious reasons. Selected the current President, the strategy of “pacification” of Chechnya has led to the fact that the Republic became a state within a state. And suddenly — “Matilda”! How can you not remember the classic: “the Good people of bloodshed was expected of him, and he ate Siskin!”. And not “eaten” yet at all, and only asked for permission.

Allah sees something wrong here. The confusion came, it seems, and he the recipient of his petition. “The Ministry of culture issues a certificate for distribution throughout the Russian Federation, proceeding from norms of the law, and the subjects have to decide to allow them to show or not”, — said Kadyrov clearly surprised by the courtesy of the head of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture Vyacheslav Telnov. But perhaps these words are the clue. Ramzan tries not to himself, Ramzan is busy for the entire humiliated and insulted “Matilda” Russia. And trigger such activity, as a rule, Moscow.

Recall, for example, who first said that in Russia there should be one President, it is with Chechnya began the process of changing the name of senior posts in the national republics less loud. At first it seemed exotic bottom, but after the initiative began to pick up a “presidential” region after another, it became clear that we are talking about the nationwide “Do as Ramzan”.

In this case, the imitators for a long time did not have to wait. Did not have time in Moscow to read the letter Kadyrov, as behind him flew a similar message from neighboring Dagestan: “Matilda” did not look, but condemn and to see don’t want to. More than likely that Dagestan will not end. But now, the process of visual perception is likely to go without unnecessary noise and dust. Need prayers from the field is no longer as clear: “Subjects decide”. Maybe someone will surprise that the right to decide not submitted by the audience. But the number of such naive in the Russian Federation with each passing day it becomes less.

And in the Chechen Republic, probably, does not remain. Disappeared as a class, as a social atavism, as the Chechens with a different sexual orientation. In this sense, the region could be called advanced, model. CHR — all subjects example. Do like Ramzan do not claim, however, God forbid, his special status, and you will be fine. Or at least not be miserable and in pain.


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