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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The US is preparing Moldovan special forces to capture Tiraspol

The Ministry of naval forces of the United States is seeking contractors for the construction of the eight objects on the territory of the training base of the National army of Moldova in the village of Bulboaca. This news came as a shock not only to Moscow and the authorities of the unrecognized Transnistria, but also for the Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, who seems to not control the situation in their own country. How else to interpret his statement that the American plans were not agreed with him and he needs to “figure out what was going on”.

photo: Marina Perevozkina

The fact that the Constitution of Moldova as a neutral state, and no foreign military installations on its territory to be built can not by definition. Especially in secret from the head of the state. The situation is more than strange. Foreign power is going to place its military facilities in the country and the President doesn’t know? In fact, such a deployment of military facilities on the territory of another country without the consent of its management is called intervention. So, the US is already at war with Moldova?

That is, if he is not disingenuous, and he really knew nothing about the suspicious activity of the U.S. Navy in the village of Bulboaca. That may well be, given that lately too many things in Moldova happen without the knowledge of its President and against his wishes. Take the recent scandal with the Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin, whose plane, flying to Chisinau, refused to allow its airspace by the Romanian authorities. Rogozin, among other things, flew a regular scheduled flight, on Board were, besides him, more than 160 passengers. All of them instead of Chisinau has been registered in Minsk. And Dodon had scheduled a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister in Tehran. Does he have at home can’t even go out with who he wants.

Rogozin announced that this incident is a Moldovan oligarch and leader of the Democratic party Vladimir plahotniuc. He allegedly instructed the Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip, the member of the democratic party, and his protege, call to Bucharest and ask the leadership of Romania not to miss the plane. Well, the answer of Chisinau was not long in coming: there does announced Russian Deputy Prime Minister persona non grata. . The decision was taken at a meeting controlled by Plahotniuc government. And Dodon, and informed in a situation of expulsion from Chisinau Russian diplomats, it remains only to apologize and ask Russia to take retaliatory measures “to hit the ordinary citizens of Moldova.”

This is fine, but in the case of military installations in Bulboaca Moscow is unlikely to get beautiful speeches. The stakes are too high. The base is just a few dozen kilometers from Tiraspol, capital of Transnistria. The United States plans to build eight new facilities “for training military operations in urban terrain”. These include office, hotel, residential house, service station, school, Mall and other buildings. In short, Americans will prepare the Moldovan special forces in street fights.

Question: what is urban development going to storm US arms Moldovan military? The answer is obvious. The nearest major urban development is Tiraspol, the capital of the breakaway Transnistria. He is the most likely target for attack, given that a similar training centre in the United States are already building in Sycamore Lviv region. Apparently, preparing a “final solution of the Transnistrian issue” in a military way, and will hit simultaneously from two sides – from the territory of Ukraine and Moldova.

The problem faced by the socialist leader came to power in the elections, is not new and is described by Jack London. It is called the “iron heel of oligarchy”. Having received a mandate to govern from the people, the socialist leader found that the power in Moldova has long been privatized, and the Republic is essentially a fiefdom of one super-rich person. But plahotniuc is not the first lost shores post-Soviet Nouveau riche which seeks to convert money in unlimited power. Some are not, and those far away. Putin has turned out, Saakashvili turned out – why can’t Dodon?


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