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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The radicals started a war against Ukrainian army

On Tuesday, the Chairman of the operational command of the DND Eduard Bacurin told about the impending attack of positions of armed forces of Ukraine by militants of the banned in Russia “Right sector”. According to him, the radicals are going to take revenge on the Ukrainian army for the death of their comrades, who died from the shelling of the MLRS “Grad” on 6 August.

photo: youtube.com

Recall that the exploration of the unrecognized Republic on Sunday reported the artillery attack the positions of militants, which staged military personnel of regular Ukrainian army. The incident allegedly occurred near Mariupol, in the village of Pyshchevyk. Such gross provocation connected with the visit to the front line representatives of the observation missions, including the Chairman of the OSCE in Ukraine Alexander hug. The fears the leadership of the DNI partly true: one of the Ukrainian TV channels showed a story about the battles of Marinka, who allegedly initiated the militia.

According to Basurin, fighters of “Right sector” (an organization banned in Russia) did not appreciate “the pageant”, directed by Mat command. Radicals reportedly gathered all his strength in the area of Marinka and Kramatorsk and went towards the positions of the 59th brigade of the Ukrainian army, which opened fire on the “PROSECO” on Sunday afternoon. Revenge for the militants has gathered an impressive by their standards army: five armored vehicles accompanied the convoy of 5 buses and 28 trucks with the nationalists. APU, according to Republican intelligence, ready to attack, to relocate to the South of Donbass military equipment and several units, transferring them to combat readiness. Eduard basurin I am sure that in the end, the clash will be presented in the Ukrainian media as yet another aggression of the militias against regular army of Ukraine.

However, data from Baturina and the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko strangely different. If the Chairman of the operational command says that the translation forces of the armed forces to combat readiness is associated with the attack fighters “Right sector”, Zakharchenko said about the impending next APU attempt to break through the defenses of the militia. Such a conclusion was made on the background of the transfer of the Ukrainian army on the southern border of the DNI. However, according to the head of the center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav ISHCHENKO, the statement Zakharchenko is also a little similar to the truth.

— In the Donbass constantly there are any clashes. This is a common lingering hostilities perpetrated by small groups, so call them full-fledged offensive is impossible. In DND and LNR accuse Ukraine constantly, and they accuse them in return. Even if Ukraine and prepared a real attempt to break through the front line, then we would not have learned from Baturina and Zakharchenko, and from Moscow. In January 2015, when Ukraine really attacked the positions of the DNI and LC, a week before the offensive was large-scale barrage. No one will go on the attack with a gun in his hand against a fortified line of defense. First will be the artillery duel, so as to send troops to die, no one will. Now we see common propaganda war, in war, because they not only shoot projectiles and dumped leaflets. For example, not so long ago, Ukrainian defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said about Russia’s plans to seize the Ukraine. And many such examples.


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