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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tambov wolf is comrade or: what will freed opposition leader Sergei Udaltsov

Free after four and a half years in prison leaves one of the leaders of the Swamp Sergei Udaltsov. The next day after returning home, he gives a press conference where, according to some, promises to tell “the whole truth about “the swamp thing”. “MK” has found out, what secrets can reveal one of the most colourful characters of the protest movement of the past.

Photo: facebook@Anastasia Udaltsova

Sergei Udaltsov and his colleague in “the Left front” Leonid Razvozzhaev accused that they intended to overthrow the government. About their plans became known from the television program “Anatomy of protest-2” shown on NTV. There are people like Udaltsov and Razvozzhaev, discussed the upcoming riot with one of the architects of the Georgian “rose revolution” Givi Targamadze. The plans were ambitious, starting with the fact that they are helping the Chechen gangs and kingpin Tyurik, ending with the capture of the bell tower of Ivan the Great. However, talked about it basically, people like Targamadze.

Reality goes Udaltsov, very different from the time before his arrest. In 2012, the opposition leaders have United against all odds and brought to the streets a record number of people. Now the sole leader of the protesters was Alexei Navalny. The swamp area was empty and the main opposition reserve hardly reached the age of consent. At the same time, “adult”, the protesters left without a leader. Whether in this context the prospects of the founder of the “Left front”, said political analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

“The prospects Udaltsov is definitely there, he said. — The protests will grow, and the demand for people like Udaltsov, is to increase. In a situation when the whole political class is a dependent and almost paralyzed, Udaltsov is unique selling proposition — the willingness to act.”

It is worth remembering where we started Udaltsov’s “Left front”, it was a local urban protests against infill construction, environmental pollution and so on. Thus, opponents of the renovation and urban development policy may well be the electorate Udaltsov, if it is a little to reduce the political pathos. If Udaltsov choose for yourself this scenario, the decision in favor of the opposition system, namely the Communist party, would be the most appropriate. First, he will have the support and opportunity to openly engage in political activities, and secondly, it will be interested falling in the ratings of the Communist party.

That Udaltsov may have at least some political weight in the system of the opposition, I do not agree the head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev. He also believes the dubious claim that he will reveal new details of the “Bolotnaya case”.

“I doubt very much that he can say something really new. Rather, it is just an attempt to intrigue, — said Kalachev. — The possibility of its actualization in non-system opposition are much higher than the probability of its occurrence in the opposition system. People of his views left the Communist party, not Vice versa. Parliamentary methods of struggle is not for Udaltsov. Of course, after Udaltsov has withstood the test of prison, it is difficult to scare possible new repression. But if he has something to say to the world? The problem of the revolutionaries in the absence of a positive program.”

According to the source of the “MK” in the opposition, “Heather case” really have a story to tell: “It was a mutual provocation, to sit in the crowd in front of the fence was planned in advance, and the initiator of this was not Sergei. If he wants to tell you what actually was discussed before the release of the Swamp, many opposition members can stand in a completely different light.”

Whatever may be said Sergei Udaltsov on a scheduled conference, the main thing happened — managed, not saying a word, to return to politics and to rivet the attention of almost forgetting about him in the press.

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