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Monday, March 19, 2018

On the anniversary of the Russian-Georgian conflict, Putin had again restored order in Abkhazia

The anniversary of the Georgian-Russian conflict of 2008 (also known as the five-day war) Vladimir Putin met in Abkhazia. The local elite was not afraid of nothing, against the background of talks on Georgia’s accession to NATO, renewed after a visit to Tbilisi Vice-President Michael Pence, Russia can demand of increasing its presence in the country. At the talks with Raul Khajimba, the President stressed the importance of creating the Information center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Abkhazia, which will give Russian security forces virtually unlimited powers.

photo: kremlin.ru

For Vladimir Putin this is not the first visit to Abkhazia, while South Ossetia, which took a much more active part in the events 9 years ago, he was not even once. First, the GDP arrived in Sukhumi a year after Russia’s recognition of independence of the Republic — in August of 2009. Then he not only held talks with the Abkhaz leadership, but almost delivered a baby: two minutes before the arrival of the Russian delegation to a local hospital, a young woman gave birth to twins, which was named in honor of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. The other two trips took place in 2011 (GDP, came to the funeral of President Bagapsh) and 2013. And in the next four years between the new head of the Republic Raul Khajimba and Putin held another 6 meetings — all in Russia.

What caused GDP to revisit the current rule and personally cross the border, remains unknown. Including for Abkhazians. Publicly, the Kremlin and local authorities the purpose of the visit of the Russian leader did not comment (moreover: even the very fact of match up to the last moment no one confirmed). Of course there’s only one explanation: so the Russian leader decided to celebrate the anniversary of the outbreak of the Georgian-Russian conflict. Although the date is non-circular.

In the absence of information, as usual, crawled different rumors. Georgian media have linked the trip Putin on his recent visit to Tbilisi Vice-President of the United States by Michael Penny. They say that the Russian President wants to demonstrate to Washington that the region is still in Russia’s sphere of influence and for all the talk about the necessity of accession of Georgia to NATO will be given an adequate response. In turn, local elites suspected of GDP in seeking to understand the complex political situation (in particular, to assess the chances of Khadzhimba in the short term to stay in power) and its own authority to push for the establishment of a joint Information centre of the internal Affairs bodies. This center, as the fear in Abkhazia that will allow the Russian security forces to carry out operational-investigative activities in the territory of the Republic.

They will be able to do surveillance, listening, breaking into the homes of our citizens. And thus, according to the agreement, will receive diplomatic immunity. Isn’t this a violation of our sovereignty? — a tragic whisper has told to the correspondent “MK” fears of local residents elderly Abkhazian.

But Russia has reasons to insist on increasing the powers of its security forces: the criminogenic situation in Abkhazia is deteriorating. If last year was initiated 298 criminal cases, for 7 months of 2017 — almost 400. Just recently, victims of the thugs was a group of Russian tourists returning from fishing. And from the beginning of the season, given the explosion at the ammunition depot, which was clearly someone’s negligence, injured more than 60 tourists from Russia.

It is noteworthy that Raul Khajimba at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the former Communist Central Committee held at the government dacha in Pitsunda, avoided touchy subjects. In the negotiations he did not mention anything about the Russian military base, especially on the establishment of the Information centre of internal Affairs bodies, focusing on the more innocuous areas of cooperation.

— This day began a large-scale operation of Georgian army — recalled the context of the visit of the Russian leader Khajimba. And those decisive actions which were taken by the Russian leadership, given the opportunity to preserve the Republic of South Ossetia and, of course, given the opportunity for further recognition of our smallest States.

However, Vladimir Putin did not give “zampolit” important topic.

— Agreement on the establishment of the Clearinghouse is a very important component, — said the President. — You mean that the citizens of Abkhazia and guests, wherever they came, including from Russia, should understand and feel that they are under reliable protection.

— I very much hope that this joint work will improve the security of staying here tourists, he added.

The further development according to GDP, and waiting for a Russian military base, which is part of the joint group of Russian and Abkhaz troops.

We reliably guarantee the security and independence of Abkhazia, we hope that this will continue, — said Putin.


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