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Monday, March 19, 2018

Medvedev followed Putin: the Prime Minister has criticized the Volgograd the Volga

Volgograd has met Dmitry Medvedev, who visited the city on a working trip, hellish heat. Even in the shade the thermometer showed +41, local police posts, patrolling roads and streets were stocked up five-liter canisters of water. Everyone wanted to plunge into the Volga, but to afford such luxury could only be policemen shepherds. It is about the Volga river was discussed at a meeting on pollution prevention and rational use of mother river.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Higher persons of the state began to pay more attention to the problem of ecology in General and rivers in particular.. just last week, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on Baikal, and on Tuesday Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the city, stretching for a hundred miles along the Volga, to discuss the problems of the main European rivers.

Is here 41-42 degrees, and in the southern regions we 51-53 degrees, has been flushed from the heat Medvedev is no less a red Governor of the Volgograd region Andrei Bocharov. “Now the next time we’ll meet you there,” was Medvedev. Bocharov get the joke, but his line continued: “So for us, water is literally the source of life.”

The importance of the Volga for the whole country really is difficult to overestimate. “It’s not just a symbol of Russia, a unique natural monument, but also the economic artery. In the Volga basin is home to more than 60 million people, more than a third of the population”, – said the Prime Minister. Here is more than half of all river passengers and cargo, Volga – a source of energy for many cities; on its banks is 45% of promproizvodstva and 50% of agricultural production of the country.

However, in recent years with the river is a problem – it is heavily polluted almost throughout the channel and has exhausted the ability to regenerate itself. It gets 38% of all Russian polluted runoff. The reason is the physical deterioration of treatment facilities, agricultural waste. In addition, the river is littered with sunken vessels – according to various estimates, at the bottom of it rests about 2.5 thousand vessels, including oil tankers. After the construction of the Volga dam in fact was not running — contaminants are not leached, and accumulate. According to Medvedev, if nothing is done, in the near future Volzhskaya water may become unsuitable for people.

With the aim of preserving the great river in the country designed a project to improve it.. among other things it is planned to establish monitoring of environmental conditions in the river, introduce modern technologies for wastewater treatment and automated control systems of wastewater in industries. In a few years, according to preliminary estimates, will be able to reduce harmful runoff into the Volga river 9 times. According to the Minister of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy, the goal of elimination of ecological harm (so far identified 69 such hot spots, the list is not finished yet). In addition, it is assumed the additional flooding of the river Akhtuba and the creation of conditions for the reproduction of rapidly disappearing fish species. At the time, the construction of reservoirs has led to the fact that it lost 98% of spawning grounds of Beluga and 80% of sturgeon and 40% of stellate sturgeon. From 3,5 thousand ha of sturgeon spawning grounds in the lower reaches of the Volga remained only 430 ha.

In total, the implementation of the project, which should be completed by 2025, will cost 257 billion rubles. The money is planned to collect all of the world: from the Federal and regional budget, from business, through signed concession agreements to attract to the implementation of volunteers. “The idea for the conservation of the river should be up to each inhabitant of the Volga regions”, – said the Prime Minister. Medvedev instructed the government and governors to think carefully about where the money comes from, and to delay the situation. “The project scope that would require the consolidated efforts of all participants and appropriate financial support. Volga – the river of national importance, and it is impossible to shift her care to the regions,” Medvedev recalled the meeting and instructed to prepare proposals on sources of financing of the project. In addition, the Prime Minister said that literally that’s just signed the order on the amendments to the territorial plan of the country in connection with the construction of the Nizhny Novgorod water node. It is expected that by 2021, on the Volga river will be lifted restrictions on passenger and cargo transportation.


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