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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Catching the dead end of lawlessness

Does Russia have political prisoners? Not just the accused for any article type of fraud, which pulled as an excuse. No, if we have pure political, those who are in prison, frankly for the policy?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Yes, that is.

Three young journalist of RBC Alexander Sokolov, “civil society activists” Kirill Barabash and Valery Parfyonov and a middle-aged writer Yuri Mukhin.

On 10 August they have to say.

Understand that today’s degree of widespread cynicism beats all records. One thing — a mighty chorus-ranking men to call themselves Orthodox, and the other to show the slightest humanity. With the latest tight. But still — why? Why multiply the evil and anger?

In the end, enable rational: why on the eve of the presidential election — another dreadful illustration of the outrage of some and the disempowerment of others? Isn’t it better common sense, justice, mercy?

Naive questions — always the most important.

Recently, when Chechen women in Voronezh hurt the police, tribeswoman immediately defended the head of the Chechen Republic and the Voronezh Governor hastened to apologize. And who the Federal government will stand up for the rights of Russian people are humiliated and persecuted? Where is this official? No matter what position: Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Governor… no matter what views: liberal or patriotically.

I’ve been preparing to talk about the scandalous case of Sokolov, Barabash, Parfenova, Mukhina from the rostrum of the state Duma, collected papers, thinking about the words, not sleeping, hoping that my speech will affect someone. Came, he cried out to the conscience of the audience: sitting innocent, let’s notice…

In the sitting room, too innocent. A zero response. Quiet goodness.

Sokolov, Barabash, Parfenov, Mukhin blame that started the initiative group on holding a “referendum on the responsibility of power”, that is, the accountability of officials to the population. Proposed to evaluate the performance of managers at all levels upon expiry of their powers. The essence is quite theoretical (and, of course, utopian) project: voters during each election needs to obtain in addition to the usual newsletter and sheet the evaluation of the previous representatives. With three graphs: “Worthy”, “Worthy of punishment”, “Leave unchanged”.

The ridiculous in our situation, a touching initiative was “extremism.” For the idea of a referendum, the people paying for a years!

The guys are sitting in “sailor’s Silence” for two years!

Now, the Prosecutor asked the court to sentence Sokolova, Barabash and Parfenov to 4 years of camp, Mukhina — to 4.5 years.

A particularly colorful case Mukhina. Yuri Ignatievich in the 90s published in a popular left-Patriotic environment of the newspaper debate “Duel”, the underground, but reserving all of what was then the television mainstream. Only the mainstream-that — fake and honest and the free Patriotic excess. “Duel” is closed and banned, decided to “close” and her editor.

More than that — took a resident of Moscow, Mukhina in the Crimea, as if in mockery of those who with childlike credulity decided that not only Crimea, but the Kremlin is “our”. My wife and I arrived in Sevastopol, went to the beach, stripped to swimming trunks; came a group of capture, twisted, snapped handcuffs, not allowed to call his wife, who went mad from the suspense, the aircraft was taken to Moscow, to the prison…

Oh, my God, and because someone has developed this plan track and capture “wanted” journalist and historian who have survived a heart attack!

A classic example of the alienation of state from society as such, because those arrested and convicted, no doubt, would sign up and split as if the abyss — Zakhar Prilepin, Dmitry Bykov, Alexander Prokhanov and Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Eduard Limonov and Boris Akunin.

But there are some “other” who approved the deal started, and pull it to the sentence. Because allowed. This is the encouraging atmosphere.

They invented the criminal liability and arrest of the accused, preparing the punishment — not monsters, but ordinary people with families, children, love, to the warm sea and barbecue in the country, a sense of humor, their ideas of honor and good salad for the New year and the Easter eggs… they Probably consider themselves good people. They are justified by the fact that as they do all, possible and necessary.

But if they know that they are not just “protecting stability” and not just torture of the unfortunate prisoners, and play in the theater of the absurd?

By and large, engaged in absurd prosecution — is an animated book characters, the creators of “conceptual art”, whose ruthless banality continues immortal stories Kafkaesque “Process” and nabakowski “Invitation to execution”.

The final act of the mundane and the insane plays — August 10 in the Tver district court of Moscow.

By the way, the characteristic expression of absurdity: by law, prosecutors must change places with the accused. 141-I article of the criminal code States: “barriers to participation in a referendum” is a criminal offense.

I will protect the innocent in spite of everything — and because it is a pity, because there is a case before the country. Country road. Least configured to perceive all around negative, but when the law is replaced by lawlessness — then definitely a dead end.

“Catching the end” — how to write on a steep mountain bends. Catching — sweet and alluring, imaginary saving. It’s such a temptation — to use the unlimited possibilities and someone to punish. Sometimes for nothing, to teach others…

Don’t know, and not at all curious what exactly the sovereign people are the “terrible exposure of the extremists.” Apparently, older in the service will get an asterisk. They say that nightmare on set, for the stubborn protest rhetoric. They also say that the defendants resumed its activities are banned in Russia society “army of the will of the people”, renaming the movement “For a responsible power” and the resumption of activities was not rejected the idea of a peaceful referendum.

And? As the threatened “stability”? The fact that in some obscure blog and the website repeated the slogan: “You chose — you be the judge”.

In the end, they judge them…


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