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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The experts shared the concerns of the Bulk: a potentially dangerous fanatical terrorists

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny in a conversation with the American channel CBS estimated the likelihood that he would be killed for criticizing Vladimir Putin. With a probability of 50%. Jingoistic media from a proposal to give Navalny the Darwin award (an annual list of the most ridiculous deaths published in the Internet). Now, in their opinion, it fell under the scope of those who want to take a blow to Putin himself. What is really meant by the opposition and how the situation is appraised by the experts, found “MK”.

Attacking the stupidity of the activists of the SERB poured green paint. Photo: navalny.feldman.photo

“How do you assess the likelihood of being killed for speaking out against Vladimir Putin?” — asked an American journalist in opposition.

“50% of what you kill, and the same that won’t kill,” he replied, evading the further development of this theme.

These “50%” immediately picked up by the media, and the CBS made of the phrase of opposition in the header of the announcement of the upcoming big television story about Navalny. In fact, the opposition responded rather motivated by the well-known joke: what is the probability to meet a dinosaur on the street — 50%. You can meet and you can not meet.

So, the news outraged the colleague Navalny protest movement, one of the leaders of “Solidarity” Ilya Yashin. In his opinion, journalists have sensationalized in a vacuum (it is worth to mention that in top of this topic originally brought CBS), however, he recognizes that the risks from the Bulk is, and considerable.

“Today, Navalny is the most serious opponent of Putin, who is in Russia, — said Yashin in conversation with “MK”. — First, it creates real problems of Putin’s entourage and Putin personally its anti-corruption exposés. Second, he’s the one who claims to political power in modern Russia, except for Putin, therefore, is at risk”.

Head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolay Mironov believes that the initiative to eliminate Bulk in any case would not come from the President.

“It is useless, and Bulk, whether he wanted it or not, took the place of “module” in the current system — he fulfills the theme of the protest and head of the urban disaffected. Why kill him and create a hero. For Bulk sense PR move with this statement is clear — to raise their value and get on the level of the President. He needs a resonance not only in Russia but also in the world.”

The President of the effective policy Foundation Gleb Pavlovsky believes that the Bulk statement reflects a certain danger of his position.

“His political campaign, on the one hand, must expand, and on the other unable to produce visible victories. The formal sign of this will be, most likely, the refusal to register. The Bulk calculation is that by this time the conflict establishment reached such a level that will make possible its registration. It relies on the process of politicization, which is particularly pronounced since the end of last year, but somewhat overestimates the pace,” he explained.

The expert notes that, most likely, to the point of the political conflict will not reach the required level, therefore the Bulk, there is a need to increase the sharpness of the confrontation.

If the Bulk life is not encroached at the behest of Putin, then is it possible to spite Putin?

About this talking Patriotic media after the publication of American journalists: “dug your own grave, let them go to Putin, asking for protection” “his and banged him now” and so on. Actually, nothing in the end is not confirmed talk about the sacred sacrifice echoed from the Pro-horns after the murder of Boris Nemtsov — with the difference that the Bulk yet, thank God, alive.

As noted in conversation with “MK” the Deputy Director of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin, “the sacred victim” spoke in connection with the murder of Nemtsov, and in connection with Politkovskaya’s death, in both cases, this was not confirmed.

“Those who speak about the “sacred victim”, based on the fact that a priori it is necessary in any case for any such offence to do from their point of view advantageous to the state. If, for example, in a situation with Nemtsov and Politkovskaya comfortable version put forward immediately after the crime, here it is a preventive measure, so these conversations rather offensive”.

Experts agree that more or less sane political forces or enterprises will not go on such a crime. However, mention “climate of hatred”, which in certain circles there against the opposition. Indeed, politically charged pensioner attacked the headquarters of Navalny and almost ready to break to pieces the “enemy of the people”, green paint watered SERB. Whether from this environment to get a real fanatic, the terrorist issue, but with the protection of the Bulk goes unfounded.

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