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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Crimean separatists and heroes

It has been several years in the Russian Crimea has no right to get a job as a teacher of Valery Podyachev. Prevents him a criminal record, which he earned in the Ukraine, for what was an open supporter of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. A criminal record this with him and like him are not removed. Three years after the actual reunification of Crimea with Russia in the Russian Parliament has still not adopted the relevant amendments to the law “On rehabilitation of victims of political repression”. And remains human fate in limbo — until now.

photo: pixabay.com

In the Ukrainian press about this quiet evil joy: the invaders banned separatist. And banned, how? Under peal of bells that, say, the people of Crimea wanted and urged Russia, struggled to be with Russia. But people that fought until the end of February 2014 was, frankly, a little bit. A handful. Heroes of them to do: they are friends of Russia, he risked it all with almost no hope of success — and years later were right! But instead here you are: the Ukrainian criminal record is more important than our own propaganda.

There is a version that is a personal matter in Podjeciem saying that someone in Simferopol (civil servants and there in the mass remained the same, that “in the Ukraine”) he did, that’s it, and ridicule. It’s possible, but I don’t think that’s the case. I firmly remember the words of high-ranking representatives of the TV channel Russia Today, speaking in may of this year, RT is generally not ideologically committed to Minister to the Russians: “it’s not us, this task we have, and I have not heard about such a project, someone to aim setting of Russian-speaking immigrants against the country in which they live”. And the question at that moment was not even about some terrible Pro-Russian separatism, but about the action “Immortal regiment” in Germany and the Russian-language news broadcasting.

In other words, to rebel we will not suspect us that we have someone “custom against valued partners” will not allow the heroes we need them to only do the will of the state. But if heroes show unauthorized autonomy and do not respect the will of the state, even one that considers us their enemy — then these people we do not need. Rebels don’t need. Because they are difficult to control.

Psychologically, this is understandable. If you resigned, publicly saying to the chief that he is a rascal, it can be really a villain but who you gonna get to work? Only unusually confident person — in our guide such just yet. Yes, maybe someone who desperately needs it in you, in your fighting qualities. But such a request is not the same.

There is no request for those who question and interpret in the Pro-Russian side the territorial boundaries established after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Not because they can not be questioned: the examples of Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova prove that very subject. But because the whole of the Russian ideological machine for a quarter century and gave birth to the notion that we about everything and dare to think. An opinion is not required to be explicitly stated — if not enough spirit, it can be implicit, latent, dissolved in years cautious but steady diplomatic work. “Fighters” would need Russia in this case — as the avant-garde as a reference group, on which each time refer: they say that Russians yearn for justice, Russia can not hear their call, let’s negotiate, not what will be worse… But there is this.

Finally, the real heroes are needed to our campaign tales have gained at least some credibility. Here in China there is a beautiful Polupanova the parable of the peasants of the village of Xiaogang, which in 1978 on a secret village meeting decided to allocate land and secure it for each family; suddenly it’s an undertaking proved its economic efficiency, has spread, and then the support of the government. Now the secret Treaty of the peasants of the village of Xiaogang exhibited in the Museum of the Chinese revolution as proof that the Chinese reforms grew from the bottom, and was not artificially imposed on the Chinese. We have, apparently, another goal: to explain that all will be managed by the Leader, who has long lost even the people’s favorite roan and his sweater.

And as a teacher Podyachev!.. If it is not rehabilitated, after a couple years of it, no one will remember, will be another broken destiny — as Pro-Russian journalists at the end of last year arrested in Belarus. The Russian foreign Ministry then hastened to disown. And how many Podyachev in the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Ukraine?.. Many — but actually less. Our priceless reference group “Russian abroad” shrinks from year to year.

It is possible to recognize directly: we are talking about expanding the space for bargaining. We are talking about double standards. What for us is true for someone — promotion. And it is necessary to be aware of, because in this reality we live in.

We live in it, when the United States officially decide to ridicule Russia for suspicion of spreading Russian influence abroad. Not for the influence, mind you — and easy enough suspicion or complaint (sneak).

But we live in this reality and then when the decades we keep talking about respect for post-Soviet borders, then the return of Crimea. And after all nobody forced us to harp about respect. We have set up. Not bad that we got caught in a lie, and the fact that it was an unnecessary lie that is harmful to us; a lie, which nobody believed, but in which we have a thousand times poke his nose use to justify that we cannot believe. Not a bad double standards by themselves (they were, are, and will), but what we never realize what our standard for ‘friends’ and who’s your…

Our heroes are someone’s separatists. However, our heroes are people, who for the sake of proximity to Russia really take risks: sometimes the good things of life, sometimes life itself. This is not a fairy tale. I would like to believe that they will not become an endangered species before Russia will take them under protection, and the words “Russian war does not throw his” ever become something more than cinematic agitation.

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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