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Monday, March 19, 2018

Saakashvili looking on the racks: Ukraine closed the border with Poland

The checkpoint “Krakovets” on the Polish-Ukrainian border on Saturday have experienced extraordinary security “independence” blocked the border, carefully searching all entering vehicles. People in a queue for several kilometres speculated on what could happen. Later this “Abraham” has clarified the social network of the people’s Deputy and member of Saakashvili’s party “movement new forces” Yuriy Derevyanko. According to him, the security services tried not to let the country deprived citizenship of Mikhail Saakashvili.

photo: youtube.com

The ex-President of Georgia before the calm has arrived in Poland, where he celebrated the anniversary of the “Warsaw uprising”. But the Ukrainian authorities did everything to Saakashvili was not able to travel outside of the United States, where it caught the news of the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship. In the beginning of last week the Ministry of foreign Affairs square has notified the competent authorities of the United States and other countries that he has cancelled all passports. The idea is that Saakashvili became stateless and without documents, limited in movement. However, the U.S. “competent authorities”, as well as Polish, did not heed the warnings of Ukraine. Narisovalas 4 August at the airport in Warsaw, ironically Saakashvili told Ukrainian journalists that ” as usual left America, no one recognizes cancellation of my passport. I passed passport control, just like always, passed passport control in Poland. Entered without problems.” And promised that at the end of events in Warsaw will return to Ukraine. The ex-Governor of Odessa region believes that to prevent him to return, no one can, because he knows in the square “all the ins-and-outs”.

Apparently, SBU took the words of Saakashvili seriously. That’s how the people’s Deputy Derevyanko described what is happening at the checkpoint “Krakovets” on the Sabbath .”There are a lot of SBU, and the machine guards are combing the fields around the custom, in search of Mikhail Saakashvili”. The Derevianko thoroughly checked the car: “searched, looking for Saakashvili in the trunk”…

Watch the video on:
“Mishiko “on fire”: how baragozila Saakashvili in Ukraine”


Itself eks-the President of Georgia watched from Poland, spreading in a social network of sarcastic comments and photoshopped pics with Poroshenko-a border guard. Former colleagues Poroshenko and Saakashvili had a fight in earnest. The question is about someone who will fall down. Judging by the latest steps of the ex-President of Georgia, he now feels confident. Analysts believe that while in the United States, he managed to enlist the support of their supervisors. In fact in America it is still seen as a fighter against corruption. And their differences with the President, he probably filed under the same “anti-corruption” sauce. But the President of Ukraine there, alas, with a ruthless struggle against bribery is not associated. Rather, the contrary. Maybe because Saakashvili and given the opportunity in such a way to appear at the borders of “independence.”

Though Poroshenko does not intend to surrender. His new “situational allies” – the Georgian government quickly sent Poland a request for the extradition of Saakashvili in connection with the presentation to him at home charges. But it is unlikely Poland will now be playing on the side of Ukraine and Georgia… meanwhile, Saakashvili does not stop attacks on the Ukrainian leadership. On Sunday, he announced that the Administration of the President of Ukraine lied when he said that stripped of his citizenship by submission of the Prosecutor General. Saakashvili said that his request in this regard, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine said that it is not passed to the State migration service documents regarding the termination of his Ukrainian citizenship . This written response he posted on his page on the social network. And even the former head of the Odessa region promised to challenge the deprivation of nationality in court. And brought the world’s attention. In fact, it is now attracting the attention Saakashvili does.

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