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Monday, February 19, 2018

Rogozin’s time: why Russia needs to change the special representative for Transnistria

Although rare Rogozin will fly to Chisinau, it is impossible to parachute in Tehran. During your stay in Iran, Deputy Prime Minister and Russia’s chief expert on relations with Moldova, Dmitry Rogozin met with President Igor Dodon. During this rendezvous, the President said he asked not to impose state sanctions because of the recent scandalous rejection Rogozin on the territory of Moldova.

photo: facebook.com

Fully associate myself with that wish, but with one important caveat. No sanctions, or, to be more accurate measures of a personnel nature, will not do. But the aim of these measures should not be in Moldova, and of Dmitry Rogozin.

Any policy, like any product, there is an expiration date. The politician has the moral right to occupy high position only as long as his activity on the post brings tangible benefits to the country. Once the resource of actual or potential positive is exhausted, any Patriotic politician should think about changing the scope.

For Dmitry Rogozin as special presidential envoy for Transnistria and the Chairman of the government Commission on relations with Moldova this moment, unfortunately, arrived. His continued presence at these two posts — the main post of Deputy Prime Minister of MIC, we derive the brackets is from the point of view of interests of Russia is deeply counterproductive.

And it is not necessary to regard this call as a rebuke or even the accusation of Dmitry Rogozin. The problem is not that Rogozin did or did not do something wrong. The problem is that Russian-Moldovan relations need a fresh start. And while the main responsible for these relations in Moscow is Dmitry Rogozin, such a fresh start is fundamentally not possible.

Let me explain for those who have not followed the UPS and downs of relations between Moscow and Chisinau, as I suspect, the majority. Moldova is a Republic that is ruled by very atypical for the former Soviet Union scheme. The official head of state is the President Igor Dodon — politician, who is set to improve relations with Russia. However, the real levers of power are not in the hands of Dodona. The real levers of power — a dodgy oligarch local bottling named Vlad plahotniuc. It plahotniuc controls now Parliament, government, courts and law enforcement agencies. Although particular political principles, but the desire to save and to formalize their power, Plahotniuc had not, for Russia it is very bad news.

The fact that the Democrat is on the side of Americans and plays, admittedly, masterful. Vlad plahotniuc is not the politician who will make noise, swear, threaten and warn the enemy about their intentions. Plahotniuc had a completely different style of political struggle. He carefully and patiently chooses the convenient moment and then silently inflicts a painful blow on the sly.

And now it’s time to enter the ring main fighter against Plahotniuc on our side, — Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin is a politician who can’t imagine his life without extravagant statements. And in making these statements in social networks Dmitry Rogozin does not hesitate in expressions. “Wait for an answer, you bastards!”, “A civilized country is Romania?”, “Deterrence and dialogue — the words somewhere I picked up smart without understanding their meaning.” This is a typical examples of records of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia tweeted in recent days and weeks.

I will not talk about how this lexicon corresponds to the traditional diplomatic norms. Of her purely applied significance for Russian-Moldovan relations.

Making provocative entry on Twitter, Rogozin apparently sincerely believes that he thus demonstrates his toughness. But, in doing so, Rogozin in reality hurting yourself — give into the hands of Plahotniuc’s political weapon, which is immediately used against Russia.

Moldova is a country to the limit with a keen sense of national identity. Its existence as an independent state — a history of continuous crises and continuous disappointments. Therefore, Moldovans — or at least a significant part of Moldovans — are very sensitive to statements by foreign politicians, which can be interpreted as insults or the desire to offend. As a connoisseur of the Moldovan national psychology and the Moldovan political practice of plahotniuc, very skillfully uses this.

Let’s discuss the latest scandalous episode of Russian-Moldovan relations. First, verbal incontinence Rogozin leads to the fact that Plahotniuc controlled by the Moldovan government declares him persona non grata in this country. This fact alone can already be regarded as a failure Rogozin-diplomat. But Rogozin is not enough. He is doing everything to “expand and deepen” this failure. The Deputy Prime Minister said that the ban of the official Chisinau he doesn’t care and that he is still coming to Moldova, thus showing their contempt for the sovereignty of this country.

Due to the intervention of Romania — a country that wants to swallow Moldova and operates in conjunction with the US against Russia — Rogozin’s attempt to get to Chisinau on regular passenger aircraft ends in failure. Rogozin looks like a politician caught in a humiliating situation and lost face. The special representative of the President of the Russian Federation contributes to this uncomfortable situation, saying Romania: “Wait for an answer, you bastards!” — Romania will only benefit from this. On the background of the “street bully Rogozin” it can present itself as a country that stands for decency in politics.

Go ahead. The President said he is meeting with Rogozin in Tehran and turns to him with a request not to impose sanctions. In the eyes of one of the voters of Dodona — the part that is Pro-Russian — is the behavior of the President seems to be quite normal and adequate. But he has other supporters — people who can be called Moldovan ardent patriots. And here they-that the behavior of the President of Dodona in Tehran may cause serious discontent. It turns out that friendly to Russia, the President of Moldova, Rogozin has sacrificed part of his political capital.

Question: does all this the interests of Russia? I believe that is absolutely not responsible.

And do not think that the Russian-Moldovan relationship is the little things which you can not pay attention. Moldova is a zone of the frozen Transnistrian conflict. Now Chisinau is full of rumors that the result of an elaborate provocation of this conflict can and defrost. Against this background, the main Russian expert on relations with Moldova should be a person who can freely enter this country, and which no amount of negative political baggage, like Rogozin.

Push Rogozin, Moldovan Affairs cautiously and not in a forehead: it is not necessary to give Plahotniuc and his ilk the ability to claim victory. But to move Moldova from Rogozin, a must.

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