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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Fishing the announcement of the election campaign of Putin’s naked torso for voters

On vacation in Tuva Vladimir Putin try on the image of Indiana Jones is a tireless adventurer and the conqueror of hearts, and taking into account the political context of the speech, apparently, goes about the hearts of voters. The Russians could be convinced that in 10 years from the same photo shoot, the President hasn’t changed a bit and are quite capable of another term otpahat as a slave in the galleys.

photo: AP

In principle, Vladimir Putin has regularly reminded the Russians, and along with its partners in the West that is in excellent physical shape. From the recent premiere of the film Oliver stone has become known that in the suburban residence of the head of state has a sports complex, which the President enjoys no less than his study. It consists of a large swimming pool, two halls and a gym for judo and tennis courts. Furthermore, Putin is quite successfully playing hockey: in the spring and a gala match Night hockey League on the account was 6 goals. In the summer of 2015, the press service of the Kremlin released footage and photographs of the joint exercise of the President and the Prime Minister in Sochi presidential residence “Bocharov Ruchey”. In a special pavilion for the workout of the GDP and the LADIES, dressed in tracksuits, pumping biceps and press, pulls-UPS and worked at the “wall”. Moreover, commenters did not escape Putin trains with more vigour and not shy to give advice is clearly less sophisticated in the sport colleague.

However, the current photo shoot in Tuva distracting from the already familiar visuals and clearly carries more meaning than the simple promotion of healthy lifestyles. First, Putin again appears before the Russians shirtless. And I must say that for the last 10 years (and in a similar view of the head of state was captured in 2007, also on holiday in southern Siberia) this torso has not changed, but rather improved. This is especially noticeable in the background standing next to the President and also naked to the waist of the Governor of Khakassia Victor Zimin. GDP is not even a hint of “beer belly”, although the President by as much as 10 years older than the head of the region.

See photo essay on the topic:

Hit all Putin appeared shirtless in a photo with fishing

11 photos

Second, in less than two days in Tuva, Putin manages to do what another would not be enough and whole holiday. According to Dmitry Peskova (and it confirms the Photocall), in the Siberian taiga President: a) was fishing in the cascade mountain lakes; b) engaged in underwater fishing; C) went on mountain rivers and the rapids in boats and rafts; d) made a hike in the mountains; d) traveled by ATV; e) swam in the lake with a water temperature of not more than 17 degrees; g) sunbathed. After this, I may say, “stay” ordinary person at least two days would not get up from the couch. And Vladimir Putin as if nothing had happened flies in the Amur region and the Baikal and, despite the time difference, the next two days does not get out to business meetings and meetings.

How is the Soviet poet: “Nails would make of these people”? You can probably nails. But while training, apparently, is for the upcoming presidential election. If someone had doubts in the ability of Putin, who in October will celebrate 65 years of age, another term “work like a galley slave”, after shots underwater fishing they had to disappear by themselves. Even the Western media conclusion this time made clear: “Healthy, full of energy and still hoo”. Although Putin himself has not yet formally announced his intention to contest the presidential election in 2018, but a few days ago, in Buryatia at the request of the veteran about it only promised “to think”.

Read the article: “Passports pike”: a two-hour chase Putin has subjected to criticism the fishing

By the way, experts will not lie: spearfishing in any comparison does not go with the usual. If the latter is an occupation for retirees and cores, which gladly engaged a Soviet General secretaries, and Boris Yeltsin (kept a photo of him in shorts, untucked shirt and touching Panama), the second — for real men. To several hours to be at a depth of 8-10 meters, stalking and then chasing prey, you need a good cardio and a fair amount of exercise. Not to mention the quick reaction and ability to concentrate. According to Peskov, Putin chased his pike, two hours is equivalent to at least five workouts in the gym. It would seem that after such efforts is not a sin to warm up are well known to the fishermen (and not only them!) way.

In the bag a bottle of brandy should be — sounds over the tempting proposal of the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu.

However, Putin knows that the movie will see millions of people around the world, is adamant:

— In principle a good idea… But I’m sorry… — said GDP, not looking up from the helm.

From the pocket of the camouflage he sticks the branch of the plant, which can be identified thyme. This means that instead of brandy companions of the head of state had to drink another tonic — tea. It is noteworthy that, although the President wearing a t-shirt and a jacket with symbols of the Russian army, for a war he did not like. Probably in front of us — new Indiana Jones: charismatic, fearless, hardy and attractive in all respects.

How can you not vote for a torso?..


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