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Monday, March 19, 2018

“The state knows how to wait”: the British refused to extradite the brother-in-law Berezovsky to Russia

The court of Westminster, as reported by the BBC, took the decision to refuse Russia’s extradition from Britain of former son-in-law of the late Boris Berezovsky, Georgy Shuppe, which in Russia is the figurant of criminal case about murder. Does this mean that Russia will never be able to accomplish over Shuppe justice? Conflict, we commented on the lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky.

photo: youtube.com

We will remind, Georgy Shuppe is on the case about the murder of one of his business partners, the founder of the country’s first commercial network for the sale of household and office equipment “Party” Alexander Mineeva. He was killed in January of 2014, according to investigators Shuppe and one partner is killed, Mikhail Nekrich wanted to take possession of real estate Mineeva a total cost of $1 billion.

Details — in the article “the Bloody battle for gold “Parties”: the mystery of the murder of a billionaire Mineeva”.

After the court refused to the Russian authorities, Shuppe happily said that now can safely go to his family. The Russian side has the right to appeal the court’s decision until August 18.

But whether will give it something?

– Why do you think that Britain refused to grant Shuppe? we asked Dmitry Agranovsky.

– Perhaps we have not submitted sufficient evidence of his guilt, and perhaps the British see this kind of politicization. As, for example, in the case of Ahmed Zakayev, who lives in England. As far as I know, we were not able to prove his direct involvement in the crimes to armed struggle. Therefore, they have not given it and, although formally it was part of the government of the Chechen terrorists as it is now known.

Is there any way to fix the situation?

– It is possible that prosecutors will now be able to re-make the documents and to present more convincing evidence against the suspect. Or try the query again. The number of requests it is not unlimited and the court’s refusal does not deprive the state the right to Supplement the record.

– Are there any other options to get Shuppe?

– In the UK it safe for a while. But if he gets into the zone of action of a more sympathetic mood towards us government or if in England suddenly changed the political situation, our government might be able to get it.

– England is it gives someone with us?

– It happens. The UK and Spain and other countries, not only Belarus or Cuba. The situation is not hopeless. And it may happen that people after a while will lose caution and get to the area, again, of another state, and if Interpol decided to declare him wanted, in the area of the Interpol it will detain, interrogate. But if in one of the countries of the European Union, the US or the UK he will be a political asylum, Interpol won’t hold him. Right, sorry secondary and the primary policy. But I must say that, for example, relations with the United States we have a fairly peculiar. They have everything is negotiable. I do not exclude that they can ask someone from us, and in response we will be able to get someone else. I would place this person was being cautious. We must remember: the government knows how to wait.


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