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Friday, February 23, 2018

The expert described the condition of lifting the sanctions against Russia: “the collapse of the US”

The EU again expanded its sanctions against Russia now because of the history with the delivery of gas turbines for Siemens in the Crimea in the list of landed, the Deputy Minister of energy of Russia Tcherezov and head of the Department of energy, grabczak, and three organizations responsible for the supply of turbines. In response, our party threatened to stop the import of household appliances.

We asked the experts a simple question: when will cancel anti-Russian sanctions?

photo: pixabay.com

The sanctions regime intensifies. The US President Donald trump has already accused of bad relations with Russia, us congressmen, however, had signed the proposed law expanding Sanz against our country.

Experts believe is here to stay.

Theoretically, the sanctions can be lifted in two cases. The first is a global geopolitical changes, events of a more serious scale than just a change of leaders – the President of Institute of national strategy of the Russian Federation Mikhail Remizov. For example, results of a global war in which Russia is directly or indirectly participate, a mandatory collapse of Ukraine. Either the collapse of the US.

Second, of course, more likely option is the situation, when Russia will prove its economic viability, the ability to cope without imports. After all, if our economy is strong enough, respectively, and the point of sanctions is lost. To secure for themselves an economic reputation, the country will need not less than 10-15 years.

At the same time, the political scientist Alexey Makarkin reminds that the current sanctions regime is comparable to the effect of the amendment of Jackson — Vanik, which remained in force for nearly forty years, and there is reason to hope that now is correct the situation would be faster. Recall that in 1974 there was an amendment to the trade Act States that prohibit doing business with States that restrict emigration and human rights. Among them was the USSR, and subsequently Russia. The amendment abolished only the President Barack Obama in 2012.

– In fact, two years later, in 2014, introduced new sanctions. So we can say that sanctions relations between the US and Russia has long been the norm. The situation is worse than ever. After all, when he introduced the amendment of Jackson — Vanik amendment, the Soviet Union was on the rise, these limitations seemed unimportant, Makarkin continues. – About today’s Russia I can’t say this, so we can assume the restrictions of sanctions or changes, but not complete abolition. I would say that we have returned to a state of “cold war”, in the early 80-ies, when we talk about improving relations was impossible.

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