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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin has attacked the head of the Ministry: “Ten years will understand!”

The visit of Vladimir Putin to Baikal biosphere reserve was very eventful. For a couple of hours managed to not only discuss topical environmental and economic issues, but also to talk about future performance of Russian national team for the upcoming football world Cup. The President, as it turned out, is an incorrigible optimist. “Maybe not win, but will act adequately”, – he hopes.

photo: kremlin.ru

The visit of Vladimir Putin in the village of Tankhoi prepared thoroughly: police officers to protect public order in the taiga wilderness brought all the way from Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. Special attention law enforcement was chained to a small wooden pier near the shore, which was adorned with two containers marked “Baikal omul”. Their presence meant that after fishing in the Republic of Khakassia, the President should execute the reverse operation, namely to produce young fish. The case for Putin in principle is familiar: he has several times taken part in restoration of the population of Astrakhan sturgeon, and once even kissed one of the fish goodbye in the nose.

Unfortunately, at this time, displays of emotion to expect from the GDP not accounted for. Local fishery harvested specimens were so small that they could be accidentally swallowed. To accomplish its mission, the President picked up the net and use it for three turns moved into the lake all the fry from the smaller container.

The main shoes do not soak, was worried about his back, the Director of the fishery.

– Oh, and boots, we somehow understand, – Putin laughed.

And indeed, even it would be strange to worry about some shoes, when in front of the President to the waist in cold water was the operator of a television, decided to capture the ceremony from an unusual angle. In order not to torment a person, 50 thousand fingerlings of large capacity GDP released into the lake in one fell swoop by pulling the lever on the lid.

At the meeting in the visitor center of Baikal state nature biosphere reserve, the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy said that the population of Arctic Cisco was catastrophic poaching. Over the past 10 years the number of fish in the lake has decreased four times, and now almost half the limit necessary for the safe existence of the species. To solve the problem, the Minister suggested that due to the reconstruction of a further three fisheries, surviving from Soviet times, and increase fines for poaching.

However the most painful issue of the don in the presence of Putin to raise is not resolved, although the reserve is all know: the main enemies of the omul is the so – called indigenous peoples of the North. Taking advantage of their privileged position, they are in huge numbers to catch the fish then pass to the dealers.

In addition to poaching, environmentalists are urging the authorities to deal with the liquidation of accumulated environmental on-site waste only closed in 2013, Pulp and paper mill (PPM), they were left more than 6 million tons. In fact, the work associated with the removal and reclamation, was scheduled to begin in 2014, but because of funding cuts the Federal program “Protection of lake Baikal” the dirt, as they say, is still there. Originally the environmental protection of the complex from 2012 to 2020 planned $ 58 billion, which, despite the Year of the environment, to date, there are exactly half. “Over the past five years, the lake has received 10 billion rubles, although it is expected much more,” admitted don. Due to sequestration did not reach his hands, not only to the export of waste, affected and other environmental activities. For example, instead of 46 treatment plants were built and upgraded only 6. It is not surprising that in this situation it is not so much about preserving the unique identity of lake Baikal, but about his survival. The lake may lose its status as the cleanest in the world.

I would like to ask about restoration of volumes of financing of the Federal target program and its extension until 2030, in order to implement all the planned projects, – Putin appealed to don. But, when the word was passed to the representative of the Ministry of Finance revealed: the Ministry of environment, if desired, could actively engage in the lake at the expense of own reserves. “We are far from the Jesuit proposals, but the authority has stock where to find additional sources and the forest and mineral resources and waste”, – “handed” counterpart, Deputy Minister of Finance Andrey Ivanov.

Vladimir Putin in turn asked the head of the Ministry, what he thinks about the possibility of road construction on the island. This was during a straight-line urge of the President, the inhabitants of the protected zone.

We then with the Governor will discuss tried to leave answer don, but the President, familiar with the tactics of the subordinate, zampolit question not given: “You will be another 10 years to understand, and then retired to leave”.

The head of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko proposed to lift the ban on mining and mineral exploration for the construction of roads, established in 1996. Otherwise, the importation of gravel from the mainland will make the transport artery of the island Golden. But Vladimir Putin rightly judged that such a decision may lead to the emergence of the pits on the shores of lake Baikal. “Sometimes it’s better to pay more than to eliminate the consequences,” said the President, asking the Governor to call the maximum cost of the road. And not hearing a clear answer, so upset that he lost count:

– We have a direct line when it was? In March? Oh, in June? During this time it would be possible to calculate how much the ticket should cost.

However, not only environmental problems and the requests of the citizens, as it turned out, the concern of the President. At the tea party with the head of the town Cheremkhovo Vladimir Semenov GDP suddenly started talking about football.

– What, in your opinion, Russian national team will play in the world Cup in 2018? he asked the municipal officials.

– Honestly? Bad! said

– Why is it bad? Why this pessimism? Maybe not win, but why play bad? – not a little agitated Putin. Poor Semenov himself was not happy for his honesty.

I think our players will play only if their coach will be the President, the head of Cheremkhovo thought he finally found the correct answer, but GDP did not agree with him.

– Everyone has to do their work, – he said sternly, and Vladimir Semenov and the rest of the pessimists advised not to lose the hope for a decent game of the Russian team.

“Straight line” Putin 2016. Chronicle of events

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