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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Personal justice Bulk: probation extended for a year

The FSIN made another motion involving Alexei Navalny. We are talking about extending him probation for a year, the court granted the application.

It is worth to recall the recent amazing in its absurdity case. First, in Simonovsky court has announced that it has received a statement from the Federal service of execution of punishments about changing the measure of restraint Bulk, and then representatives of the Department stated that no such statements were not sent. From the press-service of the court played out a fantasy? Unlikely. Apparently it was another round of intricate relationships known opposition with justice.

photo: Evgeny Feldman

No, on the one hand justice to the Bulk severe. So, in effect, contrary to the position of the European court, the verdict on the case of Kirovles, is not built on the iron arguments of the investigation (more on rubber that can be stretched where necessary, if necessary). The same can be said about fraud in the case of “Yves Rocher”. As a result, Bulk (is worth remembering for further understanding) the two conditional punishment.

In addition, not everyone is able to obtain a fine of 300 thousand (and if you add up the fines, which occurred in Volkov and Laskin, 850) for handing out leaflets. More precisely, even for appeals to the distribution of leaflets in which Simonovsky court found the “hidden” intention to hold “hidden” protest action.

As explained by the lawyer Sergei Mokhov, distribution of leaflets, indeed, can be equated to the unauthorized action, but we can not talk about some “hidden calls”, he said, is penalized by the organizer – they could be both Bulk and wolves or Lyaskin. Moreover, in judicial practice, the administrative punishment is much softer. “They can award public works, that more corresponds this situation,” – said the lawyer.

But here’s the incident: the severity of justice ends exactly where it comes about the rules of serving a conditional sentence. Any other measure would have long since changed. Since we are talking about Limonov, recall members of the banned NBP. This tells the NBP lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky: first, many were sentenced conditionally, and then mass measure of restraint was changed for real for minor violations, up to and parked in the wrong spot. According to Agranovsky, the history of the Bulk shows a clear attitude of local government towards him, as reason for the arrest was enough.

Let’s start with the fact that the opposition organized unauthorized protests that ended in mass riots and clashes of protesters with police. A few people in the “case on March 26” is already behind bars. Navalny has openly called for everybody to go to Tverskaya street despite the fact that the opposition action had been agreed on Sakharov Avenue. Appeals to the protest of young people to go to almost the red square is not the reason to change the measure of restraint?

But instead of “invitations” to jail Navalny be given a passport and allowed to travel to treat the eye in Barcelona. Although seemingly decent ophthalmologists you can find at home. He is provided with documents necessary for departure and give a visa, and then… forget to take them back because at the end of July Bulk flies with his wife to Paris and a week resting in Rouen.

The head of a staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov, who has many times been accused of false statements, says that “a chief in Moscow”, and the ubiquitous paparazzi, meanwhile, escorted and in a week meet the Bulk in the airport.

“It’s not just loyalty, but I’d say the goodwill of the authorities – said the lawyer Denis Filatov. – Cases where the conditionally convicted to leave the limits of Russia, I do not recall. This can be compared with that from prison for treatment abroad will release the offender. Theoretically, this could happen in case you need emergency surgery with the risk of their lives, but the injured eye is not the reason.”

Say, FSIN protested feebly against Barcelona, but to change the measure of restraint of speech still does not go. The service is now asked to extend trial period for another year. This idea was supported by the Prosecutor’s office and approved by the court. The extension of the probationary period means that the measure can at any time change. Perhaps this will never happen, as evidenced by the behavior of Themis in relation to Bulk all the time.

On the other hand – what if? This “suddenly” will be decisive for Bulk for a long time, and his supporters will realize that their leader may at any time be outside the context of political reality, without communication and even access to YouTube. And to this thought with each new summons and a hint of the arrest of supporters of Navalny are increasingly used. And the media through the emergence of information events, will remind on criminal cases of opposition. Maybe it was intended.

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