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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Volodin on the “Territory” was econotel youth: “Talk like an American!”

The forum “Territory” had a big event. A visit to the youth himself came to Vyacheslav Volodin, a retired “grey cardinal” of the presidential administration, now Chairman of the state Duma. However, after meeting the inhabitants of the camp on the Klyazma was left confused and puzzled. The dialogue went wrong.

photo: territorysales.Russia

Opening for Volodin made four of his esteemed advisers. This role was quite satisfied. The founding father of the “Young guard “United Russia”, a retired showman Ivan Demidov proudly called themselves “the Overture before the performance of Vyacheslav Viktorovich”. And continued his speech by an unexpected historical reference.

“In Russia the youth was not — he asked the audience. Were children, “children”, then they got married, got married two days they were called youth, and then they woke up older men.” The details of the two-day transformation Demidov did not go and decided to go to the penitential part of the speech, He admitted that working in television “View” was cool, but he realizes that he has become a tool for the collapse of the country, what are lamenting. Then I remembered, as it was founded by MHER guys from where he grew up and went “to the governors, deputies, employees of administration of the President.” The audience burst into applause.

Inspired by the success of fellow analyst Alexei Chadayev said he wanted to talk to the audience “about themselves”. However, pre-prepared script failed, Chad was going to announce that most members of the forum were “born in the new Russia”, but it turned out that the age range of the participants in the other — they are over 18. After a little hesitation he jumped on the comfort of the subject and advertised his new book about Putin.

Dmitry Badovsky told that he had the prospects to make a football career, but he quit due to injury and “went to think about eternity” the philosophical faculty of Moscow state University in the Department of scientific communism, which just successfully renamed the Department of political science.

“Guard-guard-guard…” — for some reason began chanting mgerovtsy, when the doors of the pavilion finally appeared Volodin.

Once on stage, he announced that the act will not, but it is better to begin to answer the questions. Leading immediately remembered the theme of yesterday’s meeting with leaders of Duma factions “Happiness: a new KPI?”. And asked the assistant what he thinks about it. The parliamentarian, it seems, did not realize what it was about, but was able to say that, of course, happiness is family, love, love the work, but there is a special happiness — the Deputy. This is an opportunity to help people.

“In the current crisis conditions the current economic model is inefficient…” — sharply cut the lyrical pathos of one of the members of the forum. He asked whether it was not time for a change in this area.

Volodin was not agree, he said, we are doing well and growing GDP (gross domestic product, not the President), “the crisis is passed,” the sanctions we “overcome”, even agriculture and on the rise. In the same manner the speaker talked about the problems in medicine.

To further set the tone with his question of the young “revolutionaries”, who asked about the transfer of the Single voting day from September to a later time, as many in the country, and summer is not the best period for campaigning.

Volodin was seriously wound up, I remember, in 90-m to year on some local elections already gathered 200 signatures, and then accused the spravedlivorossov in the fact that he says “as an American”. “Colleagues of McCain have lost the election, and now singing the same mantra, looking for someone to blame, blame the Russian!” — he was indignant.

About Americans Volodin said in the context of the prospects for the return of direct election of the mayor. He recalled that in the USA even the President is not popularly elected, and demanded to be asked before a question from a young “SR” told about the us presidential election in detail, however, the young man refused.

Volodin also for some reason thought “witch hunt” in America in the mid-twentieth century, when persecution suffered by the followers of socialism.

By the end of the meeting a large part of the hall had her face buried in a phone, and many of those who were planning to ask questions — change your mind.

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