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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump cancels green card: what it means for Russians

The President of the United States Donald trump together with two senators have proposed changing U.S. immigration laws. Each year, the U.S. compete for 50 thousand green cards, which allow you to live and work in America. Trump insists that to give a pass to “the American dream” need not based on blind chance, and given the level of English language proficiency, education, qualifications and earning potential of the migrant. For Russians wishing to emigrate to the New world, this could be both good and bad news.

photo: AP

Trump even during the election campaign promised to fight illegal migration and to protect the interests of the American working class. The first step for this was the controversial decree on a temporary ban on entering the United States to citizens of the six predominantly Muslim countries. Recently, he, after long judicial battles, with reservations, but started to operate.

It’s time to deal with green cards are distributed among the citizens of the States with a low migration rate to the United States. Lottery system of issuing residence permits in the U.S. is about 50 years old and have many causes criticism. Blind fortune among the many applicants sometimes chooses not the best, says trump. The result of unskilled migrants, poor knowledge of the English language, can get only low paid jobs, taking jobs from native American workers, and even claiming on benefits for the poor.

“The RAISE act will reduce poverty, increase wages and save the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars, said trump, presenting his initiative. — A new system of obtaining green cards based on a competitive principle, giving preference to applicants who speak English, unable to provide for themselves and their families financially and have skills useful to our economy.” Senator Tom cotton supported the President and said that today only one of 15 immigrant gets the residence permit in the US because of his professional skills.

“About immigration reform Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on for 20 years — said in comments to “MK” head of the Sector of internal and external policy of the USA, IMEMO ran Victoria Zhuravleva. Now they can not carry out the repeal of health care reform Obamacare. And this suggests that the change in the procedure for issuing green cards, they too will not be able to adopt easily and quickly. The probability is very small.

But this question was already hanging, there is a problem. And if the Republicans manage to hold immigration reform during his dominance in the Congress and in the White house, it will be for them a very large bonus from the point of view of maintaining power. Therefore, they will try their best. But the same factor works against them, because such a great success of the Republican party will hurt the Democrats. Accordingly, the Democratic party will be the most to put spokes in the wheels of this initiative and play for time in the hope that they will win in 2018 and will be able to reform on their own terms.

If the bill passed, the Russians will probably be even easier to emigrate to the United States because it focuses on professional migration. The main flow of visitors from Russia — it is just highly-qualified specialists, people with higher education and experience. Now it is difficult to move to the United States, if they have not found a job there. So I would not say that it is definitely bad for us. Although, of course, do not expect that the new system will occur tomorrow. I think this year will have time to do another drawing”.

But for those who are in receipt of a residence permit would prefer to rely on luck and not on education and skills, the “American dream” may soon become much more.


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