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Friday, March 16, 2018

The unprecedented statement: trump descended on Congress over the persecution of Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump lashed out at the Congress, blaming him for ruining relations with Russia and the failure of health care reform. Previously, he signed a bill on a new package of sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, though did not hide that does it reluctantly. Indeed, during the election campaign, he promised to strengthen ties with Moscow. The voltage between the President and Congress were felt for a long time, however, such a sharp indictment of lawmakers in both parties sounded for the first time.

photo: AP

“Our relations with Russia are at a very low — dangerously low — point for all time. Thanks for this Congress, the same people who still can’t give us the health care law,” wrote trump on his Twitter feed. “Despite all his problems, I sign the law in the name of preserving national unity”, — informed the President explained his decision to endorse the bill on anti-Russian sanctions. Secretary Rex Tillerson also unhappy with the new sanctions package, but recognizes that these measures are based on the public opinion of Americans who are “annoyed” behavior of Moscow.

As for health care reform, mentioned by the head of the White house, she had to replace the system of mandatory health insurance Obamacare imposed a precursor to the trump. But Congress failed to approve the President’s proposed replacement for Obamacare: some Republicans considered it too wasteful, and the Democrats initially opposed it. Even Senator John McCain, in his first speech after surgery (recently it became known that the Congressman is suffering from brain cancer) has accused the Senate of helplessness. “Nothing has been done, — he lamented. — We, the Republicans, were looking for a way to replace this insurance with something else, without paying a terrible political price. We have not yet found a solution, and I’m not sure what we will do”.

“Such a statement trump is unprecedented, — has noted in conversation with “MK” scientific Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergei Rogov. It shows that trump realizes his inability to veto the bill on sanctions, since it had been adopted almost unanimously by both houses of Congress, which formed a bipartisan anti-Russian consensus. Nevertheless, the President demonstrates that he seeks to develop a dialogue with Russia and in spite of the tough conditions contained in the signed text of the law, he will continue this effort. In addition, a number of wording to the text of the law in the end proved to be commuted. That previously contained the formula “the President is obliged” now sounds like “the President”. That is, the President can do and can not do.

Of course, trump is associated with the Congress, but the President, as chief Executive, has certain opportunities to negotiate. But the problem is compounded by the fact that within the presidential administration there is also opposition to improved relations with Russia. And besides, at the State Department, and in General in the administration there is a “staffing chaos” when many positions remain vacant and it is not clear who and how will conduct the negotiations.”

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