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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Russian crew set a record in the “tank biathlon”

International army games-2017”, which has been dubbed the unofficial Olympics among the military, overcame its equator. While in most competitions lead the Russian military. Our crew participating in the tank biathlon, even set a record, showed the best time in the entire history of the games.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“ARMI-2017”, literally and figuratively, it’s hot days. For 22 landfills, where these international competitions, now summer, and the team is already spending more than half of the stages, preparing for the fierce battles for the podium. While in absolute offset at the end of all events, Russia takes the first place. “On the heels of” our guys come Chinese and Kazakh military.

Of course the most spectacular remains of the army competition tank biathlon. Here Russia at the end of half races, is in first place. In addition, a tank crew from Barnaul set an absolute record of the games having gone the route in 19 minutes 10 seconds and never miss a single shot. Second place goes to the team from China. which stands on his tank Round 96A, closes the top three winners Belarus, which has also brought to the competition your tank.

In the competition tough guys “masters of reconnaissance” is sure the leader of the Russian team. In the second place to the surprise of many, the national team of Uzbekistan, who came to this competition for the first time. She went to the scouts of China and Kazakhstan.

The contest “the Keys of heaven” where competing calculations anti-aircraft missile systems until Russia wins the Cathedral. Second place goes to China, the third place is shared by Kazakhstan and Belarus. In final calculations of the s-300 will conduct live firing on the aerodynamic and ballistic targets.

In the competition of military mountaineers “Elbrus ring” and motorists military “Military rally” while also leading our guys.

“Suvorov onslaught” Eastern specifics “Katyusha” in Chinese

Hot battles are expected in China, where there are already six contests “Armi-2017”. It’s a contest aviation – “air Darts” competitions infantry fighting vehicles – “Suvorov onslaught”, and also competitions “Safe environment”, “commando platoon”, “clear sky”, “Master armorer”.

Competition pilots will begin on 5 August, they involved about 40 crew of the aerospace defence forces of Russia. Russian pilots will be performing on the su-35, su-30SM, su-34, su-24M, su-24MR, su-25, Tu-22M3, Il-76 and helicopters Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-35, Mi-8.

The competition in the BMP while the leadership holds the Chinese national team, but our crews are ready to oust them from the first position. Tomorrow is the beginning of the start of “Safe environment”, “commando platoon”, “clear sky”, “Master armorer”. By the way, one of the most recognizable in the world of the Soviet song “Katyusha”. Will now become the anthem of the Chinese stages of the international Army games. The song was performed in the opening games in China and as it turned out, “Katyusha” is well known to the Chinese public. Therefore, especially for colleagues from China, the Russian team of the international competition “Master gunsmith” to learn the Chinese language. At the final gala concert song will be not only the anthem of the Army games, but also a symbol of international military cooperation.

The Kazakh steppe and the sniper

In Kazakhstan, where there are contests “Wizard artillery”, “Sniper line” and “Competition calculations of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)” is also hot. Here is a persistent struggle where the winner is really strong. So, at the competition “Sniper line”, three Kazakh sniper took the lead at the end of the shooting competition at the 100m five cartridges. The marksman until the captain of the army of Kazakhstan Aybergenov who got maximum points out of fifty possible in 28 seconds. In the contest “Masters of artillery fire” as while leading the Kazakh military, as the best results in the competition shows the UAV Russia. As one of the judges of the competition: – “the Kazakhstan steppe is the main rival for the calculations of UAVs participating in the contest, all merges. However, the crew of the Russian UAV “Aileron-3СВ2″ did not panic and found all the targets”.


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