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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Navalny lashed out at the daughter of the press Secretary of the President Peskov Elizabeth

Alexei Navalny, probably bored with the “beat the drum” of Dmitry Medvedev, and he chose a ripe target. This time the heroine of his startling revelations was the daughter of the press Secretary of President Putin — Peskov nineteen-year-old Elizabeth. “Think, Peskov daughter will become a banker told a Minister or just an ordinary academician? Good prepared frame”, — Navalny wrote on his website, providing post a video in which Elizabeth is in the same frame with the head of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism “Avanti” Rahman Anakulam. Lisa has been working in this organization.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Navalny would not be himself, to not add it in the gloom of sweet poison: “In the sky of the feudal personnel policy of our state was finally formed a new star. Where all gosbanki — children of officials, Peskov Elizabeth will be in great demand.

What did Navalny himself almost still quite young Peskov, will tell her colleagues at work. And while the backstory.

Elizabeth Peskov her employer of Anshukov sent to the Crimea, in a mission to build relationships between the government of Sevastopol and the staff of the shipyard. Perfect mission for a young girl. Read “Pelagia” Akunin: the young unknown intellectual, with its immediacy allowed questions that were not able to state advisors. Here in the same maelstrom and threw Anshukov Lisa, what did not regret.

The result of the trip, Elizabeth the Sand in the Crimea: 150 employees have kept their job at the plant, another 500 repairers of contractors also not lost piece of bread. But it is very short, literally minute video communicating the Sand with managers and the press got to the net. It is to this video, it census, Bulk and picked up his caustic comments. But for what? The answer to this question is “MK” gave Rahman Anshukov:

Navalny wants to build some of their social and political projects in the Crimea, but it did not work. And Lisa at our request, went back and decided a lot of problems at once. This was one of her first tasks after joining the Association “Avanti”. She met with factory workers of the Crimea is very difficult, but Lisa took the challenge and made a particular case. Despite her youth, she came to Sevastopol and brilliantly coped with the task of the state. And other politicians have any jealousy to it and to its effectiveness. They began to check her passport details, I found out that she is the daughter of the press Secretary of the President of Russia, and began to use it against her. And she, when there were negotiations with companies, has never exploited his kinship ties.

— Rahman, why are you Elisabeth was hired and sent to this “hell” — angry shipbuilders?

They had an appeal to the President of Russia, the desire to build relations with the government of the state. I and other members of our Association went along with Lisa. We were close, but she was a symbol of problem solution. Brilliantly with this challenge, and I think she understands this and not even worried because of attacks by Navalny and his ilk.

“I am ready to defend Lisa against any aggression as an employer: we the staff do not give offense. But I’m ashamed for men who attack very young talented girls in the Network” — added the employer of Elizabeth Sand.

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