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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Energetic revealed the background of the reduction of transit of Gazprom gas through Ukraine

The Ukrainian gas transportation system no longer need Russia as a major exporter of hydrocarbons to Europe or countries of the Old world who started to use alternative routes to get “blue fuel”. This week “Gazprom” has thrown the European OPAL pipeline, receiving gas from Nord stream, a substantial portion of the volume of raw material that was previously exported to the EU through the Square. Due to this, Kyiv risks losing up to 20% of annual gas transit, and his losses will amount to $400 million.

Photo: Gazprom.

The fact that Gazprom will sooner or later will go to such measures, it became clear last week when the Higher regional court of düsseldorf has lifted restrictions on Russia’s use of facilities gas systems OPAL — the most important segment of a long-established and well existing export gas pipeline “Nord Stream” through which Russian gas supplied to Europe.

In principle, the gas outlet OPAL, which until recently was used only half could be opened to Russia in the past. However, “sand in the wheels” are constantly put to the Polish energy company PGNiG, which with the filing and in the interests of Ukraine tried to separate Gazprom from the pipe. In particular, last year Warsaw appealed the decision of the European Commission allowed the Russian company to use the capacity of Opal almost full. The poles were convinced that Europe will agree with their arguments, implying that the monopolization of Russia on the European energy market will put Brussels and all the EU members in the full and final dependence of our country.

Meanwhile, the Higher regional court of düsseldorf, which considered the case, sided with Gazprom. It has allowed the monopoly to obtain the official right not only to fill in OPAL 50%, but also redeem up to 40% extra capacity of the pipeline on the open market.

Actually, it happened: August 1, was held the first after a long break the auctions, which “Gazprom” bought the same 40% of available capacity. 2 August, the daily flow of gas through this branch, as follows from the statements of the company Gastransoprt, which is the operator of the OPAL increased from 56 million to 71.5 million cubic meters.

This fuel, “Gazprom” has moved from the volumes that previously went transit through Ukraine. In particular, the download cut at the border station “city of Velke kapusany” was reduced from 161 million to 155 million a day. This situation will cause a serious blow to the revenues of the Kyiv — this year alone he is in this situation runs the risk of losing up to 20% of the annual transit of gas and were missing $400 million profit.

According to the Director of Fund of power development Sergey pikina, Europe in the case of the removal of restrictions from OPAL is absolutely logical and natural. “This pipeline in any case receives Russian gas from Nord stream. Along with this, Poland and Ukraine to be offended by neither the European Commission nor the European courts, nor, especially, to “Gazprom” not worth it. All the rules are met. Additional transit volumes via OPAL Russian purchases in the free market, which suggests the existence of competition and the ability of other suppliers to join the fight for a place in the pipeline” — the expert believes.

On this basis, our country has a quite significant chances in the promotion of one energy export route to Europe — the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. Against this project are the US. Washington even imposed sanctions against it. The Americans put the threshold at $5 million investments, which can make foreign investors a year to any Russian oil and gas project. Meanwhile, five European companies — the French Engie, Austrian OMV, Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch/Shell and German Wintershall and Uniper — promised to invest in the pipeline at $950 million.

“If Europe will not go to the United States and the creation of the “Nord stream – 2” is completed, Ukraine will be actually deleted from the transit of “blue fuel” to the countries of the Old world. Piped Square is in this case pumped no more than 15-20 billion cubic meters per year. Revenues from such transit will not be enough even service of the Ukrainian gas transportation system,” — said Sergey Pikin.

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