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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“Alien signals” associated with black holes and dark matter

A group of Japanese scientists from the University of Nishogakusha in Tokyo, suggested that the so-called fast radio bursts, long attracting the attention of scientists, can occur as a result of falling into black holes of objects of dark matter — the axion stars. Until now, the origin of the unusual impulses remains a mystery why the media sometimes call them “alien signals”.

photo: pixabay.com

Axions are hypothetical particles of dark matter, grouped in larger objects in the early stages of the Universe. Subsequently, these objects axion stars, could fall under the gravitational influence of black holes and from time to time to pass through their accretion disks — the structures that occur near black holes and other extremely massive objects revolving around them objects. At the moment of passing aktsionnyj stars accretion disks arise mysterious impulses, according to the scientists, who published their work on the website of preprints arxiv.org.

First a quick microburst was recorded by scientists in 2001, and since then this phenomenon has been observed about two dozen times. There are many different assumptions about their origin, none of which has not yet become generally accepted. Among the probable explanations may be termed as pretty fantastic, according to which “alien signals” do indicate the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and, on the contrary, very skeptical — some believe that pulses from distant galaxies mistaken some signals, the source of which is located on the Ground and is a normal technological device. However, the majority of scientists believe both of these “extremes” are far from the truth.

The most popular version, the source of fast radio pulses may be the neutron star from outer space — Magnetar or blicky. Also some suggest that this source may be located within the milky way. And recently, an international team of researchers suggested that the rapid pulses are generated by superconducting cosmic strings.


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