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Friday, March 16, 2018

A new threat to Russia: United States contribute to the strengthening of ISIS in Afghanistan

In the traditionally volatile Afghanistan over the past few days there have been several terrorist attacks, including the explosion in mosque in the city of Herat on August 1. Responsibility for it was taken by the so-called “Islamic state” (ISIS/ISIL is banned in Russia and several other countries a terrorist group). Long been known that ISIS losing ground in Syria and Iraq, are transitioning to Afghanistan, where recruiting even many members of the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia). That is behind the infiltration of ISIS terrorists on Afghan soil, and what is dangerous for our country, “MK” was told by the orientalist and political scientist, doctor of science Mohammad Amin.

photo: AP

– At the moment the most serious threat to Russia represent ISIS militants operating in Northern Afghanistan, particularly in Badakhshan, says Dr. Amin. – After the success of the Russian HQs in Syria, the Americans have a clear policy of “squeezing” of ISIS on the Afghan territory.

And now these militants intensified. August 1, they had a terrorist attack in a mosque in the Afghan city of Herat, killing at least 50 people.

In addition, a few days earlier had attacked the Iraqi Embassy in Kabul. And it involved small children. Now it is common practice for the insurgents – they are massively trained them in camps in Pakistan – we are talking about the 6 million children who are “brainwashed” and prepare them as suicide bombers. All these centers are sponsored by Arab countries and are supervised by British and American intelligence agencies.

Their ultimate goal is weakenedandRussia.

But while they failed to do so, now intelligence services of the UK and the US are working to the most dangerous militants were in Afghanistan. Yes, in Washington pretended that the fight against ISIL and in Afghanistan when in April this year, the Americans dropped the so-called “mother of all bombs”. But you have to understand that it was not a blow to the terrorists – there are underground utilities and tunnels that will withstand nuclear bomb. It was just an excuse. Moreover, Afghanistan is already the camp, supervised by Western experts, which train fighters. They then travel to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, recruiting citizens of these States. And they are known, are free to enter Russia.

– What is the role of the Afghan authorities, if they can prevent the flow of ISIS in their country?

– In the Afghan leadership crisis provoked by the Americans. Most of the representatives of the authorities – the people with the US passport. Kabul is completely controlled by Washington, which, of course, finances almost all Afghan ministries, but deprive him of independence. And during the crisis of ISIS captures more towns already under their control a province of Badakhshan, Sari Pul, Faryab…

Kabul essentially has lost control already 60% of the territory of Afghanistan. A significant portion of these lands is controlled by the Taliban and the “Islamic state” is entrenched in the North, closer to Russia.

The Taliban are now fighting against the United States, but ISIS and American intelligence agencies do a lot to lure them to his side…

Are the Taliban the opportunity to defeat ISIS? In the end, between the groups has always existed a feud.

In my opinion, the Taliban, of course, not strong enough to confront the “Islamic state”. They do not possess such weapons, which provide ISIS the Arab countries and the United States

– By the way, not so long ago, American TV channel CNN has accused Russia of supplying weapons to the Taliban. Moscow, of course, these accusations are called unfounded. But what to do our country to prevent threats coming from Afghanistan?

– Russia has serious geopolitical interests in the country. Why the US and the UK Afghanistan so important? It is possible to fully control sredneaziatskiy countries, Persian Gulf, Iran, it connects Central Asia with the Arabian sea is the gateway to the Indian ocean. In addition, both the British and the Americans are interested in drugs, production of which in Afghanistan is growing.

Moscow is in these circumstances must pursue a more active policy solutions aimed at ensuring their security. Resources for this is a significant part of the Afghan political elite still is Pro-Russian, many local politicians were educated in the Soviet Union. They have, besides, there is hostility to the Americans, whose military presence is perceived by the population negatively. With the Soviet Union as they have fond memories. It is through these people we must act. Even Russia is geographically closer to Afghanistan than the United States. And the population is configured Pro-Russian, so opportunities for interaction are. But if the chance is missed, the consequences will be more serious than from the Syrian crisis. Again, we are talking not only about terrorism but also about drug trafficking. The Americans have imported into the country, increase production of drug – trafficking from them is already more than $100 billion a year. These pose a danger to Russia. Meanwhile, in Moscow, unfortunately, there is no concept for a policy towards Afghanistan.

In addition to political influence, in the conditions of strengthening of ISIS in the North of the country, Russia could go to practice precision strikes on militant positions.

– If this does not cause a sharp reaction in Kabul? Still, the operation of the Russian VKS, for example, in Syria, have been agreed with Damascus…

– The power in Kabul, as I have already said, puppet. It is fully controlled by USA. Moreover, the Afghan elite to make some serious split. Among those who oppose the head of state included, in particular, the first Vice President of Afghanistan Abdul Rashid Dostum, who acts against the West. These crisis processes actively initiated and fueled by Americans to their background ISIS was easier to gain a foothold in the country. It is not excluded that in the near future we will witness a coup in Afghanistan. Russia on this background it is necessary, first and foremost, to take care of their own safety.

– Given that, in Your words, in Afghanistan running the show the Americans, would not even limited military action by Russia to the aggravation of relations between Moscow and Washington?

– Of course, it might well exacerbate relations with the United States… But they are now so very intense, and we need to understand that Washington is in Afghanistan, pursues a very specific goal of creating a threat to Russia. If now Moscow is idle, the consequences could be dire.

– You said that the US deliberately “squeeze” the militants of ISIS in Afghanistan, there to create a source of tension for Russia. However, many believe that the new American administration has no strategy in Afghanistan. You disagree?

I can just say: America will never leave Afghanistan. It’s money, it’s drugs, minerals. The Americans are well “entrenched” in the country, creating an entire infrastructure for their own purposes, including the network of underground utilities. Active construction of the U.S. continues today. And what trump says, it doesn’t matter in this case. And the United States will not leave Afghanistan, trying to push through it and Russia. In Syria they did not work – because of the operation of the Russian HQs.


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