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Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump had “caved in” under Congress, signing a bill on sanctions, with “flaws”

The President of the United States Donald trump signed previously approved by the us Congress of a bill to expand sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. According to a White house statement, the document at the time of signing “had serious flaws” – speech, in particular, goes about restriction of powers of the head of state. However, congressmen were able to “push” the bill. In particular, due to thoughtless words and actions of the trump.

photo: AP

At the stage of discussion of the document in the House of representatives and the Senate (lower and upper house of Congress, respectively), it was known that it will contain major innovation. The fact that the bills relating to sanctions generally provide a clause granting the us President the ability to repeal or weaken the restrictive measures. For example, if required in the interest of national security.

This time the Congress such a clause in the bill did not include that immediately caused discontent in the White house. However, said the administration trump, the President is ready to support the document.

After signing the bill, the White house issued a statement in which his “flaws” again criticized. As noted by trump, he signed the document despite the restrictions on his authority – “for the sake of national unity.” “The bill reflects the wish of all citizens of America to see from Russia steps to improve relations with the United States, – reads the statement of the President of the United States. We hope that our countries will cooperate in international Affairs, and then the sanctions will disappear necessity.”

At the same time it is noted:”the bill sends a clear signal to Iran and North Korea – that American citizens will not tolerate their dangerous acts aimed at destabilizing the situation.”

Recall that initially, the new anti-Russian restrictions was added to the bill on sanctions against Iran. Experts agree that Congress specifically did this in order to limit to trump maneuver. On the extremely negative attitude of the US President to Tehran has long been known. But it is conventionally Pro-Russian statements, especially amid the ongoing investigation into alleged interference of Moscow in the American elections, is consistently of concern to members of the political elite of the United States. If trump bill is not signed, it is only brought on him new suspicions in relations with the Russian authorities.

Theoretically, the President of the United States could use its veto. However, it also played the role of his own mistakes. Not having built a relationship with congressmen (most of whom do not like trump’s thrust to promote decisions by presidential decrees), he created a situation where his veto would be easily overcome: it is necessary two thirds of votes of members of Congress.

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