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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tillerson asked the world: why he hopes to restore relations with Russia

U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tolleson tried to reassure international partners. The head of state said that he and the President trump “not very satisfied” a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, but will be forced to deal with it. In addition, the chief of American diplomacy said that the United States does not aim a change of power in North Korea, and avoid accusations of China in the aggravation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Some of the statements Tillerson directly contradict the words of trump official statements of the Department of state and the General mood of the Washington establishment. What he sought to achieve his conciliatory remarks?

photo: AP

Despite the fact that trump is unhappy with the new restrictive measures against Russia, he will sign the bill — said Tillerson. According to Secretary of state, the document relies to support American citizens who “don’t want us to have bad relations with a nuclear power”, but “annoyed, and this is largely the result of the fact that we have not seen improvements in relations with Russia.”

Tillerson also spoke out against the retaliatory measures of Moscow, involving the downsizing of American diplomats in Russia and the suspension of the use of the cottage in the Silver forest. “It makes our lives more difficult,” he said, although he admitted that for domestic political reasons, Vladimir Putin had to do something in response to sanctions. In conclusion, the state Secretary recalled that soon will meet with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov at the ASEAN forum in Manila. “And Minister Lavrov, and I understand our role, said Tillerson. We understand our responsibility, and I think he is just like me, trying to find ways to restore a closer relationship”.

The head of state was not spared and the other sensitive issue — North Korea, which recently announced that it had developed a ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States. “We are not your enemy,” asked Tillerson to the DPRK. “We don’t want to change or the collapse of the regime, do not seek immediate unification of the Peninsula, not looking for a reason to send our troops North of the 38th parallel”, but “you represent for us an unacceptable threat, and we should react to it,” he added.

Tillerson sure that the aggravation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula can only blame Pyongyang. And this contradicts the official us state Department statement, which read: “As the main economic supporters of the North Korean nuclear and missile programs, Russia and China bear a special responsibility for the growing threat to regional and global stability.” Donald trump after the successful missile tests, the DPRK also said that “very disappointed in China”, which allegedly “could easily solve the problem of North Korea.” However, Tillerson chose more diplomatic formulation, saying “we are convinced that due to the significant economic ties with North Korea, China has established a special relationship with this country that allow him to affect her like no one else can”.

What do they say statements Tillerson? Of course, the Agency entrusted to him could not yet boast of achievements on the issues that trump promised to solve in the first place — Russia and the DPRK. While Moscow and Washington exchanged hostile gestures, Pyongyang continues to develop its missile and nuclear complex, despite all the warnings and threats from the United States. At the same time the position of Secretary of state and the President disagree on many issues, trump hinders the work of the diplomatic corps, and many vacancies in the Department remain unfilled. All this, according to si-EN-EN, even brought Tillerson thinking about leaving his post. Perhaps the Secretary of state is currently trying to improve the situation on the main fronts of American foreign policy and to encourage partners to thoughtful dialogue. Although impulsive and unrestrained in expressions trump and hostile presidential administration and Congress, it will not be easy.

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