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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Russian military has violated the law of gravity

International competition of military intelligence, “masters of reconnaissance” was launched in Novosibirsk within the international Army games. The competition involved soldiers from seven countries — Armenia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Uzbekistan. The Russian team at the end of several days of competition, the confident leader. Correspondent “MK” was visited in the most difficult stage of the competition, overcoming obstacles on the “trail scout”.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

The contest “masters of reconnaissance” is held this year for the third time. For the first time to participate in Russia flew in troops from Uzbekistan. In addition to the traditional participants of a Russian team became the scouts of China and Kazakhstan. The most exotic was the team from Zimbabwe.

As told “MK” the main judge of competitions General Vladimir Marusin, “trail scout” includes 22 elements. Among them — wooden and stone fences, a moat, a fence standard NATO. This step is the most difficult, and if at the end of the competition the first two teams score an equal number of points, the winner will be the one that is better will be held “trail scout”.

The participants need to overcome the obstacle without hitting charges, simulating minefields, stretch marks. You also need to throw grenades at the precision to destroy sentries by throwing a knife. Given that all this takes place under the accompaniment of endless shots of the conditional opponent, simulating a surprise attack, it becomes clear why this step is the hardest. Each scout runs to the same path in full armor and carries behind 18 kg of various equipment. On past experience, on average, the completion of the “trail” takes about an hour.

First, according to the draw, started the scouts from Armenia. The impression that they have overcome obstacles few impressively, there was a noticeable conflict between the actions of the group. Perhaps, the Armenian soldiers were embarrassed that they were under the constant eye of television cameras. Anyway, the result was low by 1 hour and 10 minutes.

But at the start be Russian spies. The commander of the reconnaissance, student 4-th course of Novosibirsk command school Vlad Medvedev assembles a team in a circle.

— Say nothing, know and show. With God! — he admonishes the children.

— With God — answer in unison, guys.

The skills of our scouts sometimes amazing. It seemed that they are not subject to the laws of gravity — his eyes refused to believe what the man is capable, with incredible speed, to take off on a high fence. Synchronicity in the actions of our team are also very pleased. Small mistakes, of course, were, but they did not affect the final result. The band was completed in a record time of 38 minutes.

Second place went to the team of Kazakhstan. The third — Belarus, Armenia closed the four contestants.

3 Aug will contest scouts from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe. Out of competition will also act as the scouts of the Eastern military district.

Telling why we need such competitions, General Marusin explained that the contest and the obstacle course in particular show the prestige of military service and, of course, the skills of military personnel. What is important is that these skills can be practiced in the future and pass on to others.

Talked “MK” and with the scouts from other teams.

A senior team of Uzbekistan, which will only pass the “trail scout” Colonel Shukhrat Ikramov said that information about the elements that need to be overcome, enough, so with the “path” command in absentia familiar. All phases of competition are interrelated and require the members of the team coherence from beginning to end and, of course, endurance.

Scouts from Kazakhstan, which last year the contest took third place, the “path” will be held for the second time.

— I think we lacked only experience. This year the experience we already have, so the attitude is to win, — said a senior team Colonel Zhanibek Sharipov.

Very warm feeling caused communication with team Zimbabwe, we can say that this team was the most light guys constantly emit radiant smile and just rejoice in the fact that he was in Russia. Results they aren’t — occupy the last place, but are set up at the Olympic — the main thing not victory, and participation. And this team just attracts all sorts of adventures. Last year a group of Zimbabwe lost in the woods, and she was taken out of the Russian trainers. This time at the stage where competing drivers, the military of Zimbabwe managed to turn the BMP.

The biggest challenge for his subordinates senior team major Justin Zhou called natural conditions, because in Africa the climate is quite different.

— Our team takes part in the competition for the first time, it was no surprise, we were ready. Continue to speak and continue to enjoy Russian weather, you have spoken optimistically Zhou.

However, according to him, the guys from Zimbabwe it is a pity that the competition is so quickly over. They would like to see the contest continued and it was possible to stay in Russia for the whole year.


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