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Friday, March 16, 2018

Squirrel eyes, a death in the state Duma: the policy had a blast at “the Territory of meanings”

The current session of the camp called “Young parliamentarians” in connection with what to visit participants welcomed the parliamentarians “old”. By the way, they called themselves in conversation with journalists the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky and even stated that it was time instead of him and colleagues to run in the state Duma youth. “Forty-five” – though he misspoke.

However, Zhirinovsky himself began immediately to contradict himself on the question of whether he plans to leave the lower house of Parliament and to move upstairs (no, not the presidency or the Cabinet, and in the upper chamber of the same Parliament), Vladimir Zhirinovsky declared emotionally that he thought of neither will go away.

“I will die in the State Duma, he cried. Will die with you.” At the last remark he pointed to the confused by such a statement the youth.

As I told the forum participants – mostly members of youth party organisations: young SR, LDPR members, members of the Komsomol and, of course, most of the young guard of “United Russia” – Zhirinovsky goes on “hurrah”.

“It’s all love, – explained to me molodogvardeets Philip. – Well, though not as a politician, but rather as an artist”.

The theme of the meeting of young people with leaders of Duma factions sounds suddenly: “Happiness: the new KPIs?”

As it turned out, the value of this abbreviation (key performance indicator, which is calculated for sales managers) had to search the Internet not only to me but to the majority of the participants. Some do not attended to in order to decipher the abbreviation, as, apparently, the speakers and parliamentarians.

The head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov, as usual, decided to talk about the Soviet Union. The only source of happiness he apparently draws out. However, Zyuganov did not avoid references to earlier times: “Suzdal Rus welcomes you to its land,” – said Zyuganov. Then the chief official Communist reminded the audience that the Russian Empire at the end of his days lost three wars in a row, and in Soviet times we won the war, and flew into space, what is this if not happiness.

“Lenin, party, Komsomol!” – cheerfully yelled young Zyuganov. However, wormed their ranks and saboteurs, the word “Komsomol” in the slogans substituted for “mausoleum”.

The leader “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov went into the memories of childhood. “Memories are the only Paradise from which we will not drive”, he said. Mironov remembered the drops of water on the tree “like a squirrel eyes”, which the father showed him as a child and how with the boys in a St. Petersburg yard found gold mine dug more than ten kilograms. However, then it was not gold, and “other metal”, however, the happiness of the young Sergei Mironov was not marred.

The head of the faction “United RussiaVladimir Vasilyev launched into philosophical arguments. According to him, happiness is “data acquired”. The gist of his words was the fact that the acquired happiness are qualitatively better than some “this”, in addition, have policy personal happiness can not be, the main thing – the good of the people, and if not, a politician deeply unhappy.

Zhirinovsky argued with Zyuganov of the Russian Empire, noting that the war only lost one and that is because of the machinations of enemies, essentially calling all the defeats – victories. It turns out, the happiness he sees there.

United Russia – strong Russia”, – the voice Mgerovtsy in the end, but still loud and in unison shouted “guards guards”.

After a meeting of factional leaders came to the press approach, where Zyuganov boasted that the young Communists beat all other football.

“So place your order in the big football” – not lost Vasiliev.

“You give me, I’ll do it,” confidently said Zyuganov.

By the way, all four of them talked about their plans for the presidential Vybory. More precisely, I’m sure was only Zhirinovsky – presidents to be elected, he will go. Vasiliev said that the solution they have for Vladimir Putin, and the Communists and the socialist-revolutionaries “will solve this issue in the next Congress”.

Putin recalled not only Vasiliev. “Oh, I wish you were here Vladimir Vladimirovich, to live in the camp forever,” said young participant of the forum. “A dream!” – replied his friend.


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