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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Roizman dream Pamfilova with a beard: fears of the candidate in presidents of Russia

The Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova called the false words of the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman on what opposition politicians do not allow to overcome the municipal filter in front of the Governor’s election. As you know, Roizman was not able to advance to the governors of the Sverdlovsk region, although, according to studies, he could win, if it was registered. Paradoxically, right in this dispute, both parties, both Pamfilova and Roizman.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The head of the CEC said that more than 700 municipal deputies and heads of districts in the Urals did not support any candidate, and 91 people’s Deputy, no one even asked about signing to overcome the municipal filter. But to participate in the gubernatorial election were required to collect only 126 deputies ‘ signatures.

Roizman has their own truth, he will expound below. But you can’t leave behind-the-scenes backstory.

Yevgeny Roizman in governors were to nominate the conference of the regional branch of the party “Yabloko”. However, there was a very unusual event: the leadership of the regional party organization of Sverdlovsk region headed by Yury Pereverzev disrupted a conference, resigned. The head of the party’s press service, Igor Yakovlev, in conversation with “MK” described this mysterious story: “head of the regional branch of our party was pressured by the authorities not to nominate Roizman as a candidate for Governor. We hoped that our colleagues in Sverdlovsk this pressure will not succumb, but it probably proved too strong. Pereverzev disrupted the conference. Moreover, he had all the documents necessary for the nomination Roizman, to which he had gone.”

To resolve the situation in Ekaterinburg has come Yavlinsky. Roizman was eventually put forward a new user “Apple” structure, but it was done late, numerous violations because of the rush, and most importantly — the majority of votes of deputies from the municipal filter has already been distributed to other candidates. Roizman himself in the publication “MK” from June 18, said bitterly that to register as a candidate, he is definitely not the time to. And the fault for this lies certainly not on the CEC and Pamfilova, and unstable “Yabloko”, who have succumbed to the pressure of the incumbent Governor.

Bring a piece of the current conversation with the failed gubernatorial candidate.

— I was surprised by the speech Pamfilova, which sounded really weird: first she criticizes me for the fact that I did not pass the municipal filter, and then suddenly declares that this filter is required to remove. First she needs to decide what side she’s on, and if you continue with the same rhetoric — and our, and your, then even a little bit, and she, like Churov, will grow a beard. I dream about it already. I wonder why Pamfilova remembered my words about the filter that I said many weeks ago, now. I have this version: the elections of the Governor planned appearance, because the only alternative candidate could be just me. When I pushed, the elections have become uncompetitive, uninteresting, candidates except for the incumbent head of the region, no one knows. Ask: who are these people? All know who will win, and voters there are trying to lure lotteries, bagels with tea, with the promise of gifts. Just to catch up with the turnout, hired a special Agency, and here and joined Pamfilova, returning from the last scandal, which can somehow increase the interest in these elections. I and my colleagues have already covered the topic of the municipal filter, saying the boycott of the elections more than a month ago.

— You didn’t really have the chance to overcome the municipal filter?

— I was surprised by the incompetence of the CEC in the figures. When you’re working and administrative resources of the Governor, and the law, the chance is small. The notary has collected signatures of deputies for rural candidates for Governor at the time, when I was nominated (my nomination held up at the start). And when I still stood, it became clear that the law of the 126 signatures I need to collect 18 signatures from rural areas. Definitely. Pamfilova does not deceive when he talks about the unspent hundreds of signatures from the cities. But from rural areas were dredged in advance all the quota selected. I could not go in any effort. Well the ring I have not released that now, waving his fists.

– Speaking of the ring. Are you ready to take a swing in the upcoming presidential election?

– On demand, I’m not worried… Well, you can write what your editors invited Roizman to participate in the presidential election, and he refused.

Oddly enough, in most political disputes, both sides may be right. So says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of modern politics Anton ORLOV: “the CEC is not disingenuous when he says that Federal agencies do not interfere with the candidates to go through the municipal filter. But obstacles often arise at the regional level. And viewed through the microscope from Moscow that the Governor gets up there, very difficult. Another difficulty is that when it comes to opposition politics, it is impossible to understand: it is not admitted to the elections, he is the victim, or he himself provoked this situation to be not allowed to campaign, which could lose. And then to remain undefeated and to learn from this “persecution” political dividends”.


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