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Monday, March 19, 2018

Chinese warships in St. Petersburg became a “nightmare” trump

The friendship between Russia and China is the “biggest nightmare” for the US President Donald trump. This is the opinion columnist for CNN, the well-known American analyst and expert on international relations David Andelman. The reason for the publication was the participation of Chinese warships in the festivities on the occasion of the Day of Navy Fleet of Russia in St. Petersburg. According to Andelman, the growing Russian-Chinese Alliance poses a serious danger for the United States, threatening Washington’s loss of leverage and in countries such as Syria and North Korea. However, to enter into full-scale confrontation with the United States on the side of Moscow and Beijing is hardly ready, said head of the economy and policy of China’s Institute of world economy and international Affairs. E. M. Primakov, Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey LUKONIN.

Photo: the website of the defense Ministry.

According to Russian experts, to overestimate the extent of cooperation between China and Russia is hardly worth it.

“Personally, I have a question – and if not specifically the article was written, which intends exaggerated the degree of cooperation of Russia and China? Perhaps this was done in order thus to influence trump to either prevent a possible confrontation between the U.S. and China, either to push the American President to build a constructive relationship with Beijing and ending beginning between the two countries economic and trade war”,- said Sergey Lukonin in an interview with “MK”.

“In General, in my opinion, the American analyst greatly overestimates the depth of Russian-Chinese relations. – the expert continues. – The fact that the comprehensive strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing have clearly set “beacons” for which neither of the parties is not going to move. The first – and most important of such “beacon” – the trade turnover between China and the United States, exceeding $ 500 billion. For comparison, the figure between China and Russia by the end of 2016, the year was about $ 68 billion.

The second “light” – an impressive us investment in China and increasing Chinese investment in America.

And, third, USA to Beijing to source new technologies, access to the global financial system. In this regard, cooperation with the United States to China, of course, profitable. Moreover, for some items in your Outlook of China now is getting closer to the Western world, rather than to our country.”

“Of course, Russia wants China to have a reliable ally. But there are issues in which Beijing will cooperate with Moscow. And expect that our country will unite in a kind of anti-American block, not worth it.

Some manifestations of discontent with us policy will take place on both the Russian and the Chinese side, there might be some joint action. But they will be steps, best Beijing at a particular point, and not indicative of “feelings” between Russia and China. China will act in their interests – despite the popularity in this country, Putin is pursuing, in particular, their economic interests. And the Chinese economy, as has been said, strongly “tied” to US”, – concluded Sergey Lukonin.


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