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Monday, February 19, 2018

US diplomats were taken from Silverpine even a children’s Playground

A quiet summer morning, the Silver forest. Muscovites rush to take early sun beds on the beach. Around seven in the morning in the depths of the forest, the house number in Taman 107a the street, hamper trucks — representatives of the U.S. Embassy arrived with the belongings. Soon, three trucks, a minivan, a jeep and a taxi leaving the Embassy giving exactly 12 hours of day 1 Aug access to us diplomats closed.

photo: AP

Diplomatic villas property exported by trucks.

And the location of the former Embassy villas good. Plot in the suburbs, with two sides surrounded by forest, and the popular beach is five minutes walk. Although the house by local standards, modest: somehow pales against the backdrop of the neighbor’s houses. Around the silence and the rest: sorry, probably had to leave their homes. But on 1 August the Americans had to leave. All taken: loaded the furniture, dozens of cardboard boxes. Dismantled even a children’s Playground with multiple slides. Before the convoy left the cottage, a representative of the Embassy gave reporters a business card.

…Immediately behind the — year-old theater with benches, it is clear that the new.

— No, Americans have not seen, — says a local resident of Victoria. — Although on the weekend, mostly nurses, apparently, children walked through the streets, on the beach a couple of times I heard English speech. You know, there is actually a lot of foreigners: our rent by 400 thousand per month, but not so heavy they can not afford. Say, here and English is the unofficial Ambassador the residence.

Good-neighborliness and get-togethers over tea — it’s not about the Silver forest. Here, everyone is closed in his fortress for two-meter fence and nose prefers not to show it. Some of the immediate neighbors of foreign diplomats and had no idea who lives in their backyard.

— Who? Americans? No, don’t know… — mumbles distractedly guard the neighborhood of the mansion. — Went to some people, not brawling…

Interestingly, one of the neighbors diplomats were our Russian rescuers: they Serbare small house and Parking for a fire truck.

These guys only on the weekends came, — said one of the rescuers — music all the time included playing loudly. I was listening to? Yeah its all pop, Lady Gaga, heard, sang Shakira… Singing sometimes, but not screaming and it was basically quiet neighbors.

….By noon, at the cottage, even the spirit of American was not. On the fence hung the padlock on the Windows of the house lowered the curtains, in the corner of the plot remained a small tractor. On a recent spree reminded that unless some barbecue and a fridge for sodas.

Recall that the country of the U.S. Embassy is located in the Silver forest neighborhood of cottage village and a Park Veteran. American Embassy warehouse located on an area of 2.3 thousand square meters in the area South Chertanovo address: Dorozhnaya street, 9b, close to the plant “Mosenergo”.

Note that in December of last year, two Russian-owned property in the US was confiscated as part of the sanctions over the alleged Moscow’s intervention in the American presidential election. As stated, the Obama administration, they were used for the collection and processing of intelligence information, and not only for the stay of Russian diplomats. Both buildings are still closed and can not be used.

One of them is a manor in the Upper Brookville, new York state, the Soviet Union acquired in 1952. A second home for vacation in Maryland, the Soviet Union acquired in 1972, paying for it, as written by the local media, of $1.2 million in cash. Both houses have a fairly impressive size and previously served as the residence of American politicians and big businessmen. In 1995, the cottage was moved from the property of the USSR to Russia for a symbolic one dollar.

Suspension of the use Embassy and the US warehouse in Moscow was a response to the President’s signature trump a bill to toughen anti-Russian sanctions. By the way, trump has not commented on reciprocal steps of the Russian foreign Ministry, and his press Secretary announced that the President intends to sign the bill.

Sanctions . Chronicle of events

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