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Friday, March 23, 2018

Terror big, but peaceful: Russia has “forgotten” about the thirty-seventh year

We try to remember only the good. And forget the poor, turning away, hidden, so did not climb in eyes. Here 30 Jul hid — date, it has tremendous importance for our country, the 80th anniversary of the Great terror.

July 30, 1937, was signed NKVD order No. 00447. According to this decree the light has gone almost 700 thousand people. Not strangers. Their. Born in Russia, lived there, worked and loved it.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The Soviet government shot them as enemy elements. Because they loved the country as I wanted the power.

The majority, however, loved how. But was the plan established by order №00447. And bodies had this plan to perform.

In Georgia, the command was ordered to shoot 2,000 people, for example. A 3000 — plant for 10 years. In the Leningrad region 4000 — shot, 1000 — plant. In the Moscow region 5000 — shot, a 30,000 — plant. In the Azov-black sea region 5000 — shot, 8000 — plant. In the West Siberian region 5000 — shot, 12 000 — plant. In NKVD camps, where it already sat, a plan was approved to the execution of 10 000 people.

Without trial, without investigation, without evidence. Nothing.

The great terror — a big milestone in the history of our country.

Stalin did something so unnatural that it’s hard to articulate in human language.

It is impossible not to think about it now, when have passed 80 years.

But we don’t remember.

Neither the President, nor the Prime Minister, the parliamentarians did not utter a word about what has happened to our nation 80 years ago. Not commemorated. Did not come to the Solovetsky stone. Not gone to the Butovo polygon. I said: it was. Yeah, no one wants to remember, not want to believe, because such cannibalistic past we do not paint. But nothing can be done, it was, and it was wrong, and we will repeat that it was wrong, as long as every Russian from small to large not vtemyashit firmly in mind: a) it was b) it was wrong,) that’s the way you can not go ever.

Terrible documents about the Great terror are kept in the Russian state archive of political history on the Big Dmitrovka, in the neighbouring building with the General Prosecutor’s office. Now they are in closed storage but that some of these documents was published in the times of perestroika and sometimes reprinted. In particular, encryption to Stalin from the regions. From Omsk, for example: “operation of counter-revolutionary kulak element of the approved NKVD to death 10 thousand, condemnation 4500 ends, sentenced to death 9623, convicted 4932. Please further approve the execution of 1000 to 1500 condemnation”.

The leaders of the Omsk NKVD was not enough to shoot established by the order of 10 000 compatriots. They were asked to improve the plan. At least a thousand.

The head does not fit, how could this be! How people could do such a thing? But they did. It was with our people. Our grandparents and great-grandparents. Not going anywhere.

“Documents of the Great terror rigged!”, “The restructuring has killed more people than in the 37th!”, “Stalin won the war for history is more important than repression!”. The favorite argument of people who do not want to admit the truth. A lot of them. They love Stalin. The way they now behave, if you tell them that they should shoot anyone who loves their country not as they?

Refuse and rebel? Or would request to increase the plan to be shot in a thousand?

The feelings, Yes, be asked to improve the plan. Because the degree of hatred for dissent in society is very high, and household aggression is through the roof.

But you can never tell. A verified answer is no. Opinion polls have not been conducted.

Because the spooky theme. It is not necessary. There is a hell. Put the cover on and won’t look.

Even at 80 years — will not.

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