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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Surgeon Zaldostanov lost the patronage of Putin: sneeze on grants of the President

Between Vladimir Putin and one of his main metaphorical, Surgeon (Alexander zaldostanov S.) ran some kind of a black cat. “Night wolves” for the first time since 2012 received the presidential grant. Try to understand what happened in the relationship between the President and the heroes of the asphalt.

Asked some bikers at all, in their minds, a little — 9.5 million rubles, and even for good purpose — holding a Christmas tree. But was refused…

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Alexander Zaldostanov, a man that “pulled” Putin’s biker movement, and in recent years publicly called him a friend, the question “MK” on missed grant replied clearly irritated.

— We lived without presidential handouts 20 years until 2012, we had them to sneeze, living without grants and more, ‘ said the Surgeon on the phone. — Found for this presidential help someone more worthy than we are. We served the Motherland without competitive money in the most difficult years, and now will serve without them. But this does not mean that we stop doing for children Christmas tree, which they all expect.

The fact that Putin has not given the “Wolves”, which staged rallies in the Crimea, of its grant, it is symbolic. But only if we are sure that he distributes money to his Foundation. In fairness, we note that this, of course, not quite.

Grants are won on a competitive basis, projects to evaluate 460 of experts, collectively held more than 12 thousand examinations, — said the “MK” head of the Department for regional development Fund, presidential grants Natalia Alieva. — After the proposals of the joint expert Council will coordinate the steering Committee (SC) headed by the first Deputy head of the presidential Administration. At this stage the number of grants may increase. They can get other interesting projects, if the members decide to lower the minimum pass threshold on the score.

This time under the chairmanship of Sergei Kiriyenko, the number of grants compared to those that had been selected by the experts, was increased by 13 projects. But there are no proposals to support specific organizations representatives of the steering Committee were expressed.

That is, the “wolves” not lobbied, although this option Kiriyenko was. If the President wanted, the grant would have been lying at the Surgeon’s pocket. But for Putin, obviously, it was not as important as in years past, and proposals to lower for bikers passing score has not sounded.

There is no conspiracy in not seeing Director of the Center for political technologies Alexei Mukhin.

The reason is that the new first Deputy head of the presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko, who heads the Coordinating Committee for the Fund, instructed us to focus on regions and to make grants annually, not issued the same. You need to maximize the area of grantopoluchatelja, — said the analyst “MK”. — That was implemented this year. I also don’t get the grant, no grudge, although in former years received. But I’m not caught in some kind of disgrace. Similarly, “Wolves” not in disgrace, just came the turn of others to get the bonuses. I am sure that Sergey Kirienko has acted in full compliance with the MC President. And nobody claims.

Seems to me more close to the truth version, which expressed “MK”, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of modern politics Anton Orlov: “the Surgeon too often and annoyingly claimed that he and Putin are friends. The Cup probably was overwhelmed with the visit Zaldostanov to the Gaidar forum in January. There decided to be in the suits, but the leader of “Night wolves” appeared in biker attire, came to the podium and stated that plans to renovate the Park “Patriot” in Simferopol. And the money that it will allocate from the budget of the Ministry of defense. Then, many media drew attention to the fact that the clown Surgeon passes all limits”.

There are many caustic comments, like the one that Putin is worth a ride on the bike as you become a politician and collector of investment. Perhaps after this “banter” Putin began to distance themselves from the “Night wolves”. He never rode them in motocross, the idea of reconstruction of the Simferopol Park locked up, and refusing to issue 9.5 million has become a kind of point and the symbol that the come to familiarity and done.

Few people remember that after the inauguration of the 2012 Putin’s rating was critically low, a “solidarity movement” — actively and popularly. In that situation, Vladimir Vladimirovich was any important support from the nonconformists. And “Wolves” (along with the Siberian crane) was among those who framed him in the shoulder. Now the rating of the President beyond, and support from the clowns he no longer needed. It stains rather than paints policy of the new shades.

Putin’s choice to distance himself from a Surgeon — friendly. The question is, how will the “Wolves”. On the basis of not the most respectful phrases that they sneeze in the presidential money, they can bite when the occasion arises.


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