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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Expert on the supply of U.S. arms to Kiev: Russia will arm the Donbass

According to us press, the US state Department and the Pentagon are seriously thinking about giving Kiev lethal defensive weapons. Now diplomats and the military must convince the White house, headed by Donald trump that Square really need anti-tank missiles and other weapons. Such a move does not fit with the announced intentions of Washington to follow the line of the Minsk agreements and peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas.

The move against the White house began the official representative of US state Department in Ukraine with Kurt Volker, who was appointed personally by Donald trump after the meeting with Vladimir Putin at the summit of “Big twenty”. On 24 July he visited the position of the APU in the Donbass, where he voiced the intention to supply arms. In his opinion, American weapons will help Ukraine to curb “aggression Moscow”. The idea of Volcker immediately found support at the Pentagon. That office is preparing the White house a proposal, said the official representative of Department Michelle Baldanza. However, as writes the American edition, this issue has not been discussed by trump. Moreover, the leader of the United States are still not informed about the intentions of the state Department and the Pentagon.

Since politics trump quite unpredictable, this idea may find support in the White house. US allies do not quite understand this decision. In the European Union finally decided that the only way out of the conflict — the Minsk agreements. The supply of American weapons to Kiev will give the opportunity to eliminate the DNI and the LC from the map of Ukraine and the package of agreements “Minsk-2” will sink into Oblivion. The Kremlin will probably try to stop it and think about a response. Given the recent expulsion of American diplomats, Moscow is no longer willing to sit idly by. It is possible that the answer may be diametrically opposed and Russia will begin to supply weapons already in the unrecognized Republic of Donbass.

“MK” asked the experts, what can cause the supply of American arms in the Square.

Boris Rozhin, an analyst at the Center for military-political journalism:

“First, Russia is the guarantor of the Minsk agreements, so I rule out that Moscow will begin to supply weapons to the DNI and the LC. This will be possible only in case of revision of diplomatic positions. The situation in the Donbas is really starting to degrade, but Donald trump and Vladimir Putin didn’t show desire to change its opinion on this issue. To take seriously the intentions of the state Department and the Pentagon should not. They are still under Barack Obama wanted to supply arms to Ukraine but it didn’t happen then. Even Europe and acts as a guarantor, but it supports the delivery of non-lethal weapons, like uniforms and technical equipment. But Brussels opposes the provision by Ukraine of missiles, but I doubt that Washington will meet real resistance from the EU”.

Fyodor Lukyanov, chief editor of the magazine “Russia in global politics”:

“The supply of arms to Kiev is possible, since trump is a man who loves to use force and believes that it should be used whenever possible. The us administration could support the proposal on the supply of arms Ukraine, given the rising trend of militaryconnected. The confirmation of the appointment of the head of the office of the President of the United States John Kelly, who for more than 40 years he served in the marine corps. Though the Minsk agreement and not reglamentary Ukraine’s relations with other countries, but the supply of arms could lead to the escalation of the conflict. Europe, this fact will not like, however, leverage on the US administration at Brussels no. Of course, this decision does not strengthen the trust between them, but virtually none. Russia is positioning itself not a party to the conflict and a guarantor of the Minsk agreements. However, no other options are not also the separatist forces of the unrecognized republics are a wonderful way to grow parallel to the arms of the Ukrainian army with American weapons”.


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