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Monday, March 19, 2018

Crush before entering the Oval office of the President of trump at the White house

Monday — heavy day. Especially hard it was for those gentlemen who pushed in front of the White house. Watching this crush from the Windows of the hospital, “Regents”, I made not a refreshing experience. As you know, President trump has appointed a new chief of staff of the White house. Them was John Kelly, a former four-star General of the marine corps.

photo: pixabay.com

Kelly is not the only soldier who will occupy the post of head of the White house. The first was General Alexander Haig, who was chief of staff of President Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

General Kelly began with that expelled from the White house Director of communications Anthony of Scaramucci. For ten days this gentleman was imposing order in the dressing room of the White house and finished even to the point that was removed from the post of White house chief of staff Raines of Primus.

That is why the first victim of the General was precisely Scaramucci, which immediately kicked out of the White house. By the way, Scaramucci himself was to blame for this, broke out rude tirades against members of the presidential staff, including Primus, predecessor, Kelly. Do not faint, and Stephen Bannon, the chief strategist of the White house.

At the time, trump has recruited Scaramucci as his “alter ego”, but “Much” (as he likes to be called) immediately went too far even in the eyes of their own President, writes The New York Times.

And this is the first victim of the purges — the same “Much”, which was nearly eclipsed the President.

Press Secretary of the trump Sarah Sanders, as if to warn the cleaning of Scaramucci, said: “the President certainly believes that comments Anthony is absolutely unacceptable in the mouth of a person occupying his position.” Welcoming the General appearance of Kelly trump in his Twitter account declared: “No chaos in the White house!” But as it turned out, between the General Kelly and President trump was certain of a collision, which nearly sank their partnership. The fact that when he was removed from his post, Comey, General Kelly reported in Komi Republic that he is willing to work with him to resign.

However, John Kelly, taking the post at the entrance to the office of the President trump, fished it as a victim not only notorious Scaramucci, but such big game as the President’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. They will also have to pass through a gauntlet of the General’s command, before they get to their President.

Kelly appeared on the horizon in a very complex international situation: the nuclear ambitions of North Korea with increasing, highly energetic acts Russia, the middle East, the growing tensions.

It should be recalled that Mr Kelly was the first Minister in the government of trump on internal security. Now he again falls out of the frying pan into the fire.

As it became known Kelly for a long time resisted the attempts of the President of trump to appoint him to the post of master of the staff of the White house instead of Primus. When the appointment of Kelly was announced, he met with trump and demanded from him that he guaranteed his passage to the Oval office of the President only through his office.

Last Monday, Kelly, met with staff of the White house, informed him that the President agreed to a number of ultimatums Kelly. With the purpose of restoring discipline in front of the Oval office of the President of the trump.

Kelly did not talk much about Scaramucci how about Mrs. trump, her spouse and the main strategist in the White house the’bannon. They will also take to the President, just passing the abode of General Kelly.

Here’s what he said on this occasion Mrs. Sanders, who is now the press Secretary of the White house: “General Kelly has full authority for operations inside the White house and all members of staff of the White house should apply to him.” However, she added that the question of how all of this will happen really depends on the President himself.

The fall of Scaramucci the elevation of the Kelly is of great importance, although it is still not clear how Kelly will prevent Ivanka trump and her husband to communicate with his father-President.

Ivanka trump and Kushner wanted to convince trump to appoint to the post of White house chief of staff don Kelly, and Dina Powell, who now occupies the post of Deputy assistant for national security Affairs.

President trump, who “affectionately” refer to Mrs. Powell, was trying to consider this proposal, however, still focused on the candidacy of General Kelly.

Trump was briefly interested in the master of Scaramucci and his assaults on the chief of staff of the White house Pribus and chief strategist’bannon. But in Washington all these scaramucci of leprosy was perceived not so solemnly. In addition, Scaramucci allowed himself to unpardonable impudence. He began to Eclipse the President himself, who, as we know, does not like to play second fiddle in any combinations.

In short, President Trump had to stay on the candidacy of Kelly, who is not satisfied with any of his family, and the trump. As here consider, for the post of Scaramucci likely can count, Kellyann Conway, chief White house adviser and former Manager of the presidential campaign, trump and Jason Miller, who served as the corresponding post of Scaramucci in the White house during the presidential campaign, trump.

Link Kelly trump is that trump prefers to deal with the generals, which he finds more effective leaders. And among the generals Kelly is a “star”

The appointment of Kelly due to the fact that, according to close to the Trump, he is able to “train out of control belogolovsky insiders.

So I saw the swap meet before the doors of the Oval office to trump from the Windows of “the Regents”. In confirmation of this I want to give Twitter the President trump, who hatched by white light at 6: 19 PM: “Great day in the White house!” Do not say anything — great.


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