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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sect of Saakashvili: what was behind the facade

Deprivation of Mikhail Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship, it seems, put the last nail in the career of a politician in the post-Soviet space. Of course, he will flutter, to protest, to create something, but, it seems, all the best in his life already behind.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

I wrote in “MK” after the resignation of Saakashvili from the post of Governor of the Odessa region, he should never have had after the presidency in Georgia to be engaged in Ukrainian politics. So he remained a respected elder statesman, but choosing a different path only turned into a funny clown. And in Ukraine lacks its own ambitious populists.

Interesting in this regard, the reaction of the Russian public on the latest developments in Ukraine. Here is the opinion Mitya Aleshkovsky, quite typical for this group: “Depriving Saakashvili of citizenship, Ukraine has lost its last chance to become a free and European country in the coming years. An incredible mistake.” And in Russia was published a book by Larisa Burakova “Why did Georgia succeed?”, which enthusiastically described the triumphant success of the reformers under the leadership of Saakashvili. However, she Burakova is now working in Indonesia — a bizarre irony of the global economy. But with the title of her book, it seems that many in Georgia have argued.

But, however, there has already dealt with the legacy of the reformer through rose-colored glasses and not looking at him. More important for us to understand the causes of the above mentioned excessive enthusiasm in Russia and Ukraine, good mentality here and there post.

The failure of market reforms in the 1990s, leading to mass impoverishment and frustration of the population, gave rise to a request from a certain part of the audience — the worse life became, the stronger was required to find an alternative that would have revealed that all was not in vain. They say that Gaidar and Chubais tried, but not enough, wrong, but if you approach the matter decisively, then, you see, and mass support of the reformers would be provided. It’s one thing to read about the transformation of Eastern Europe, where from time to time came to power, the adherents of monetarism, like the Slovak Prime Minister Dzurinda, or in the Baltics, where the favorites of the public were Mart Laar, the other to see something like this in the country corrupt and Asian. This would mean that such a success story and you can move to Russia.

So Saakashvili won the lucky role of the demiurge of the market. His actions were watched with delight and reverence. He seemed to embody the most cherished dreams of the Russian libertarians — dissolved office packs, privatized everything, canceled checks and limitations. Here it is, the program “500 days” in action!

That was hidden behind the facade, as consistent with the realities proclaimed the words, tried not to think about it. Georgia went up to worship in exactly the same way as in 20-30 years of the Communists and leftists from around the world flocked to the Soviet Union — not to doubt and to criticize, to admire and to learn. It was a purely religious phenomenon, and do not share the same West, where in an academic environment, for example, Saakashvili was treated much more sober. As in 2011, said a renowned expert on the Caucasus Thomas de Waal: “the Best that can be done to Saakashvili, it is easy to leave.”

Defrost on his initiative, the conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia turned to Georgia’s heavy defeat, the loss of even the territories that it controlled in its former autonomies. That Saakashvili showed himself to be an opportunistic politician of the warehouse, unable to calculate the consequences of their actions.

But in a simplified and idealistic picture of the world, which is available to domestic libertarians, it doesn’t matter. Like the Western Communists to justify any crimes of Stalin, they either explained his actions of the Russian provocation, or (more often) refused to notice them.

More surprising in the future appears the invitation of Saakashvili to Ukraine in 2015. It seems to be before us is the leader, defeated in elections unleashed by the armed conflict and soundly defeated it. Nevertheless, he had made the idol and it is responsible for countless hopes. This is an important feature of the post-Soviet mentality, to perceive the leader uncritically, to judge him according to the myth, not on real cases, to justify any negativity associated with it, if it is believed that he is on the “right” side of history.

The “Ukrainian” period of the biography of Saakashvili was not more inspiring — from the very beginning unrealistic promises, quarreling with all with whom only it is possible, failure after failure, but it does not harm in the eyes of loyal supporters, especially abroad, because it is judged by the promises and associated expectations, and if they are not implemented — so much the worse for his opponents. Some of his statements that he is “friendly” with trump and his student years — with Poroshenko, who is now cursing on what light is, would be enough for full rejection of him as a serious figure. But no. The same Masha Gaidar, powerisa in the “wonderful Georgian”, as a result lost in the foreseeable future, unable to return home, and in Ukraine it is now useless.

History Hobbies Saakashvili in Russia — this is a story about the search of the prophet for his Fatherland. The stronger the rejection of its overwhelming majority of the population, the stronger the attachment and sympathy of supporters. Sympathy for him as a reflection of faith in the hero, who will, like Moses, the people from darkness to the light of the true doctrine. An underlying understanding that they will not be able to come to power either by elections or by hardware intrigues are compelled to create myths and believe in them. The myth of Saakashvili — is the myth of market hero, who will reform from above and realize it does not matter, he will come to power through revolution and election in Georgia, or by the revolution and the destination, as in Ukraine.

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