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Friday, January 19, 2018

Contemporary artists fooled around in the Multimedia Art Museum

Four loud contemporary artist presented their works at the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM). Their exhibition under the discouraging name of “Artel “king of the hill” crazy all who visited her. Artists Yuri albert, Paruyr Davtyan, Victor Skersis, Andrey Philippov — a little naughty and created a masterpiece that will definitely be remembered by everyone.

Paruyr Davtyan. Theatre, denouncing the Performance. 2016.

Most interesting is that this is not the usual picture and the so-called method of high abstraction. Paintings of different sizes, shapes, colors hang from white walls. Almost every picture — texts both in Russian and in Latin: for example, “enlightenment profanity” or “PopArt devouring its own tail” (the quotations). The most catchy work — the image of the bright green of a cucumber with the caption “Institutional critique tempted by Partizipatorische” — so Victor Skersis formulated this phrase.

The inscription “Crouching impressionism” and bright yellow flourish on a dark background look like a breath of light in the darkness. Three rectangular hanging one above the other paintings are impressive; their blurred backgrounds, “flying” signs, “of Apelles, Principality to Alexander the Great” (translated from Latin), “Conceptualism, discarded in the dustbin of history,” “Unselfishness and hard work, banishing from the temple of art Envy and Nepotism.”

Victor Skersis. Cubism, Impressionism banishing from the temple of Art. 2016.

Unusual play of colors. But what to say about colors! The idea of artists interested in anyone who even do not know about conceptualism. Upon seeing the picture, he stops, stares and tries to understand and read the inscription, from which was born the creation.

The artist Yuri albert has told “MK” that to merge it wasn’t that difficult because all of them use the four comic recounting the fable of Krylov “Swan, pike and crawfish”. It turns out that the working methods of all were two: “the Academy of the XVII century. Then asked allegorical themes, and the artists wrote in their paintings. And the method of high abstraction, abstract expressionism or geometric abstraction, which in Russia, in General it was not. It turns out that phantom sensation, when artists draw what they lack in history of art.”

Andrey Filippov. Cubism, giving a tribute to Impressionism. 2017.

And the exhibition curator, Museum Director Olga Sviblova says: “the Concept and the lyrics play a big role here. Before us abstract and academic, and allegorical painting. The artists made them from alloy, it would seem that this unexpected abstract paintings and allegorical signatures. They are, in my opinion, absolutely wonderful, because it related to the traditional myths, which according to tradition Clement critics have written in Latin, but they may as well be written in Russian. And here, of course, the conceptual beginning of helping our artists.”

Yuri Albert. Charity criticism. 2016.


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