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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Close trump became the target: why the US President under pressure through family

Son of the American President Donald trump Jared Kushner on July 24 appeared before the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence. The senators summoned him to a hearing in the investigation of possible links campaign headquarters trump with the Russian authorities. Kouchner, in a speech expected has denied the information about “collusion with Moscow.” But already on 26 July, the senators will listen to the eldest son of the American leader – Donald trump, Jr., also a suspect in questionable contacts with representatives of Russia…

But Trump Sr., for six months under the post of the President of the United States, not envy. He constantly finds himself at the center of scandals (in fairness, often initiated by him). It does not have sufficient political experience, and not so many of those who wished him to share it. In these circumstances, the support of the trump family members who regularly speak in defense of the American leader and, if possible, help him in state Affairs. However, as recent events prove, this has other side – relatives of the US President, like himself, are constantly under the scrutiny of the press and any mistake immediately casts a shadow on the White house.

photo: AP

Hit on the younger, trying to be older

“Trump wanted to find dirt on Hillary Clinton” – such statements exploded a few weeks ago the American media. This, however, is not about the US President, and his son, who was also named Donald. According to available information, Donald trump Jr. met in July last year with a lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, allegedly associated with the Russian authorities. It is assumed that the purpose of the conversation was broadcast to the son of the then candidate for U.S. President some information, compromising the Democratic party in General and Hillary Clinton in particular. According to the lawyer, she has such data was not.

However, the scandal trump Jr. – perhaps the greatest achievement for today’s opponents trump senior. The American leader again and with undisguised pleasure stated: the FBI investigation concerning possible contacts of his campaign with the Russian structures. Now the eldest son of the President of the United States is seen as an important link in the ties of the White house with Moscow.

39-year-old son of Donald trump and has previously attracted media attention. For example, in April, he said the American star who spoke against the election of his father the President, about their promise to leave US if that happens. During the election campaign, he actively helped the Trump Sr., but after the accession of Slovenia to the post, as they say, disappeared from the radar, focusing on family business.

Now the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence intends to question him on the subject of the circumstances of last year’s meeting with Veselnitskaya. It is expected that trump Jr. will speak to senators on 26 July (before the hearing was scheduled for July 19, but then moved).

Whatever his evidence – and even if they will satisfy members of the Committee, “sediment”, that is, will remain, experts believe. And Donald Trump, Sr. in the situation all the more difficult to promote own solutions and to counteract the us Congress, for example, in the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. Because the background of the scandal around the interview trump Jr. with his Russian lawyer – but still on a very delicate subject of compromising any step in the direction of Moscow will be regarded by the political elite of the USA as recognition of the justice of the suspicions and accusations.

Who has no place in the White house

Much more active than the eldest son of trump, daughter behaves amerikanskogo President – Ivanka. Like trump, Jr., she actively helped her father during the election campaign, and then came in and his administration. Since then, she is constantly under the gun of a mass of copper of the United States, which, in large part, just waiting for another ill-advised step from the President and members of his family.

Held in early July in Hamburg summit “big twenty” will be remembered not only by the fact that on the sidelines of the event hosted the first meeting of the tramp and Vladimir Putin. Its share of attention received Ivanka trump: she replaced his father in one of the communal meetings with G20 leaders. Earlier, the news that she allegedly had a direct influence on the American leader to strike at Syrian airbase on the night of 7 April, has already caused a flurry of criticism, so everyone was expecting the proliferation of scandal. However, at the summit of “twenty” stood up for her, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that any member of the American delegation had a right to attend the meetings.

Whatever it was, the impact of Ivanka, who served as senior Advisor to the President of the United States, the father is difficult to overestimate.

One of the possible reasons for strengthening its role, according to some American analysts, is that trump banal is limited in the choice of personnel for functioning of the new administration. This version is quite logical – it affects and a high level of personal trust between the President and daughter, and also the fact that not as many American officials are eager to work with the President, around which constantly there are scandals.

Ivanka husband Jared Kushner, occupying, as she, as adviser to the President of the United States, has also long been known for its role in the election campaign trump and is considered one of the “architects” of his victory over Hillary Clinton. But, as soon as there is an investigation of possible links trunovskogo campaign headquarters with Russia, son of the American leader, it seems, too, risks being at the epicenter of the scandal.

Not so long ago it became known that he, along with Donald trump, Jr. attended the meeting with Veselnitskaya.

This news has spawned a new wave of criticism of the President. “In my opinion, the best step in the interests of the President would be a decision to eliminate from the White house all his children, not only Donald trump, Jr. (in fact, as mentioned above, it does not work in the administration of his father. – “MK”), but Ivanka trump and Jared Kushner”, – said, in particular, the TV station KBTX-TV, Republican bill Flores, a member of the house of representatives from Texas.

On July 24, Kouchner spoke before the Senate intelligence Committee – a day before he was there meeting with senators trump, Jr. Son-in-law of the President of the United States confirmed that, along with his son attended the meeting with Veselnitskaya, but, according to him, was late for her. And even asked the assistant to call him on his cell, that there was a reason to leave early, as the conversation was a “waste of time”. In General, Kouchner has once again rejected all allegations regarding collusion with representatives of Russia. Moreover, he said, speaking already in the White house – after the Senate hearing – he did not know any of the electoral headquarters of the tramp who was convicted for improper contacts with the Russian side.

The first lady is reluctant?

Melania trump, though it was not reckoned a meeting with representatives of Russia, yet also in an unenviable position. Opponents of the new President for a long time remembered her speech at the Republican national Convention in Cleveland last year. Then, we recall, many have noticed the obvious similarity of fragments of text of the speech Melania with what was said eight years earlier, Michelle Obama at the Democratic Convention.

Ironically, comparisons to the previous first lady of the United States and are now pursuing a new mistress of the White house. First palpable anxiety among people who honor the unwritten tradition, has caused rumors that Melania may not be located in the official presidential residence in Washington after joining her husband in the position (relocation do has been postponed – due to the fact that 11-year-old son of the first pair Barron had to finish the school year in new York).

It didn’t add to her points in the eyes of the public, although, as we know, the formal laws of the United States does not require the President’s wife (and him) to live in the White house.

In the end, however, Donald trump, and his wife settled in Washington, on Pennsylvania Avenue 1600.

Ever since, notes USA Today, in the behavior of Melania have been dramatic changes, “She declares itself more and more.”

The most resonant of recent such “statements” – correspondence argument with the daughter of the late Zbigniew Brzezinski. An interview with Mika Brzezinski, famous American TV presenter with channel MSNBC, was published in the InStyle magazine, caused a lot of controversy because it was dedicated to the situation in the first family of the United States. The journalist, in particular, said that Melania trump defends her husband on social media and performs the duties of the first lady only for the sake of the son of Barron.

“I know the Melania. I haven’t talked to her for a few months, but if my intuition does not fail me, I think it will not be too long to put up with it (with the behavior of Donald trump in social networks – “MK”)”, – quoted Mika Brzezinski InStyle. This presenter said: “I don’t know anything, it’s just my intuition, and I believe her, she has never failed me. I’m just saying that Melania the worst job in the country. And I don’t think she would like to continue to do it. I believe she will do it as long as need be for the sake of her son.” Such a detailed analysis of intra-family relations in the couple trump, of course, could not remain without a response Melania.

“Sadly, when people people try to achieve their goals, commenting on my life and my family, especially when they don’t know me,” said the first lady.

The views of American audiences, even among fans of the President and his wife – traditionally divided. Some do agree with Mika Brzezinski, and even show sympathy to the Melania. Others believe that journalists should not comment on personal relationships in the first family of the United States. Although, for example, during a middle East tour trump one of the main topics for discussion were the question – why does the wife of the President does not take his hand?

Anyway, Melania trump continues to remain in the media spotlight. So, the day before the 4th of July — US independence Day, the first for Donald trump as head of the country, the presidential family flew from Washington to stay at the manor in new Jersey. The outfit chosen by the wife of the American leader, was one of the most talked about in fashion magazines the. By the way, most publications emphasize that the sense of style still fails the Melania.


One of the characteristics of the family trump is a lot of activity in social networks, the constant desire to defend the US President. In itself, the Americans have it, judging by the comments in social networks, is approved. At the same time, none of the relatives of the 45th American President, as he did not have any significant political experience. Against this background, the “family” Trumps many causes ill-concealed irritation. If the press openly about this kind of would not say, preferring to warm up scandals around individual representatives trunovskogo “clan” that ordinary Americans and then wondering not disastrous for the country concentration of power in the hands of the family? However, the famous American system of “checks and balances” continues to work, and Congress does not Trump relax. The idea is that “keeping in shape” of the President and public opinion polls: according to the last of them, the approval rating of the President of the USA reached the lowest level in 70 years and is only 36%. Recall that in the first hundred days of finding trump in the post, the figure was 42%.

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