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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Russian foreign Ministry has accused NATO propagandists in amateurism

The press service of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation studied the infamous NATO video about the Baltic “forest brothers”, which sold around the world on July 11. To help diplomats hired experts from the Russian clubs military-historical reconstruction and military historians.

Frame from the movie.

Independent experts have confirmed that the visual part of the film – not to mention a historical component – evidence of neschopnosti shown material and its non-compliance with the historical truth. In particular, soldiers of Internal troops of the NKVD in the article “Forest Brothers – Fight for the Baltics” parade in the form of everyday clothing, while officers dressed in field. All Soviet troops is extremely untidy. As one uncut. From time to time the shot fall the soldiers and sergeants…with beards. The greatcoat collars raised, which was allowed only when lowered and tied under the chin “ears” of the cap of the sample of 1940.

All explosive fighters of the NKVD shoot with the left hand. Although it is known that in those days left-handed people in the Soviet Union throughout retrained.

The Russian foreign Ministry noted the following details:

1. Officer of the NKVD VV:

– a single gear. 1957 (brass parts of the mounting studs is generally 80-ies, etc.) instead of camping equipment. 1932;

field buttonhole overcoat with crimson piping instead of blue;

field epaulettes with crimson edges and gaps instead of the cornflower;

– there are no emblems on the shoulder straps;

– ersatz holster Vohra 70s instead of a leather holster.

At 2.30 the timing of the serviceman of Internal troops of the NKVD dressed in a winter hat and white fur jacket, despite the fact that the action takes place… in the summer.

On 5-th minute of the video close-up of the “forest brothers” in the modern shoes high-top sneakers (!).

On the basis of the obvious ignorance by the authors of the roller BB military uniform NKVD of the USSR, concluded in the press service of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, it is unnecessary to require these Amateurs observance of historical truth.

As previously reported by “MK”, Diaspora Ukrainians appreciated the peer-reviewed video of NATO. Moreover, they expect from promoters of the Alliance no less “heartfelt” film about the Ukrainian insurgent army and organization of Ukrainian nationalists, is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is hoped the integrity of one of the member countries of the Alliance. The poles, as you know, strongly oppose the glorification of “Banderovites” and “Melnyk”. Considering those, and others guilty of committing multiple non-judicial killings of unarmed residents of cities and villages of the Polish Commonwealth.


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