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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

“Rather than a bullet”: the United States experienced in the Persian Gulf laser weapon

Ship US Navy laser beam was shot down the unmanned aerial vehicle. Thus, the United States conducted the first test of the laser weapon in the Persian Gulf. It is reported that the drone was struck in record time. As stated in the command of the fleet to operate new weapons requires only a supply of electricity is supplied from a small generator, and a three person staff.

photo: youtube.com

CNN spoke on Tuesday about the system test laser weapon LaWS in Persian Gulf. The tests were successful: the laser beam in record time, was shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle. It is reported that the wing of the drone lit up “in an instant”, then targets fell into the sea. As stated by the channel, the system hits the target “with the speed of light” in 50 thousand times faster Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

As explained to journalists the Lieutenant of the Navy of the United States, Cale Hughes, the new weapons are not hampered by the wind or any other restrictions.

“We are not worried about the wind, because of the range, we’re not worried nor in any other way,” said Hughes.

New weapons were installed on the transport dock USS Ponce. Captain Christopher wells, in turn, said that this weapon, which, according to him, more bullets, capable of hitting multiple targets.

“It is more accurate than a bullet. This is not a highly specialized weapons system… this is a very versatile weapon, it can be used against many targets,” said the captain, noting that the use of proven system seriously reduces collateral damage.

Moreover, among the characteristics of the system is noted for her absolute silence and invisibility, since the weapon operates in the invisible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

“Can not see the beam, it doesn’t produce any sounds, it is completely silent and incredibly efficient at what he does,” said Lieutenant Hughes. He also added that upon using laser, there is no need to “lead” the target.

In addition, the system offers the incredible efficiency and easy maintenance. To mention the cost of the test, Hughes estimated the cost of one use of the weapon in one American dollar. To operate the system requires only a supply of electricity supplied from a small generator and three for maintenance.


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