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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The terrible arithmetic of Syria: the number of dead exceeded 300 thousand

Achieved on the sidelines of the G20 summit the Russian-U.S. agreement (on the ceasefire in the southern part of Syria) not all the middle East players were encouraging. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the agreement is dangerous for his country, as it will allow Iran to increase its military presence on Syrian soil. Israel’s position is extremely clear – and Tehran, and Damascus towards him with hostility. However, it is clear that to reduce the tension in Syria is necessary, because ongoing since 2011, the conflict in the Arab country has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. According to the latest data released by the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights (SOHR), we can talk about almost 475 thousand dead.

photo: AP

SOHR is the brainchild of Syrian Ossama Suleiman (also known under the pseudonym Rami Abdul Rahman) who lived in England. According to him, in his work he uses data collected from nearly two hundred activists from Syria.

According to the latest estimates of SOHR, from 15 March 2011 to 15 July 2017 in Syria one way or another recorded the death of 331765. In the report there is a reservation – this number is not included in the order of 85,000 people, whose death is difficult to confirm (but some data is), about 45,000 people trapped in the Syrian prisons, and approximately 11900 man kidnapped by terrorists.

As for confirmed facts, then, according to the SOHR, for 6 years was killed:

99671 civilians in Syria (including 18243 children under 18 years 11427 women over the age of 18);

54253 party of opposition groups;

2608 soldiers who deserted from the government forces;

61808 people killed by actions of government troops;

46447 government soldiers and Pro-government forces;

58446 members of radical jihadist movements, including the former “Front EN-Nusra”, “Islamic state” (both groups are recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia and several other countries), etc.;

1480 militants of the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah”;

7039 foreign fighters-Shiites loyal to Assad regime;

67 people whose affiliation to any of the above categories has not been established.

Unfortunately, to confirm the reliability of the SOHR published data is very difficult, while it’s easy “fault” to the accuracy and methods of the calculations.

However, no one, in General, does not deny that the expense of the victims of the Syrian conflict is really in the hundreds of thousands. You can add and people seriously injured and were disabled, refugees, etc..

Against this background, any agreement between States involved in preventing escalation, it is difficult to overestimate.

However, the statement by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is cause for serious concern regarding the reduction of tensions in Syria.

In fact, Israel has long been an active participant in the Syrian conflict, though limited to implementation of their own objectives – for example, targeted destruction of Hezbollah from the air. According to experts, more active actions, including massive bombardment, the Israelis disadvantageous, as it can lead to increasing attacks from militants.

While Israel has repeatedly signaled that it is ready to tighten its policy on the Syrian track in the case of capacity there Iranian forces. “Iran today makes southern Syria into a springboard for operations against us, – said earlier the Minister of defence of Israel Avigdor Lieberman. – We will not allow this”.


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