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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The former head of Transnistria Shevchuk lives in Moldova, in a big way

The analysts, predicting further migration of fugitive ex-President of Transnistria Yevgeny Shevchuk from Chisinau to West, is not yet fulfilled. The retired politician, apparently, settled in Chisinau for a long time. Local journalists found out that Shevchuk lives with his family in a luxury building in the center of the Moldovan capital guarded round the clock. However, Chisinau is also unlikely for the ex-President safe haven: a number of Moldovan politicians have demanded his arrest…

The former head of the Transnistria Yevgeny Shevchuk. Photo: eshevchuk.ru.

Recall that Shevchuk secretly left Transnistria after the local Parliament on representation of the Prosecutor General deprived of his immunity. At home the ex-President was involved in several criminal cases. Many analysts believed that Chisinau will be for him and his wife, former Minister of foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski, just a transit point, and they will land on some of the long-prepared “alternate aerodrome” in the West. There was even a message about the departure of the couple Shevchuk to Malta…

However, the murder will out, especially in such a small country as Moldova. Journalists Moldovan edition of NewsMaker found that Shevchuk with his wife and young daughter live in the center of Chisinau in a luxury house, near which the clock guards are on duty in plain clothes in several vehicles. The tenants confirmed to reporters that he had repeatedly seen the ex-President, and Nina Shtanski. The city Shevchuk moved to the Mercedes GLE 450 is also accompanied by a protection vehicle (a brand is more than 6 million rubles, as apartment in Moscow). It is frequently found in elite restaurants in the centre of the Moldovan capital.

Not everyone in Moldova was pleased with this news. The leader of the Pro-Western party “Platform “the Dignity and truth” Andrei Nastase requested the arrest of the former head of Transnistria. Maia Sandu, the leader of the party “Action and solidarity”, said that while Shevchuk the DMR put a lot of pressure on the eight “Romanian” schools in Transnistria (those in which teaching is conducted in Romanian language, and they are financed from Chisinau). She suggested that the hospitality of the Moldovan authorities is thanks to Shevchuk for common corruption schemes and assistance to Transnistria in the presidential election in Moldova.

Chisinau seems to give Shevchuk, Tiraspol is not going to. And it is impossible to do legally: extradition is between two States, as Moldova does not recognize the independence of Transnistria. It is not excluded that Shevchuk will try to use in some kind of political game with Transnistria. In Moldova, he was actually in the position of hostage: as the head of the breakaway region it can be held criminally liable for usurpation of power, for example, or for the creation of an illegal armed formation. The possibility of his departure to the West also depends on the Moldovan authorities. Can not release.

The situation is extremely unpleasant. In itself, the flight of the leader of Transnistria, not just anywhere, but in Moldova, so to speak, right in “the lair of the enemy,” the scandalous event. Who knows what information he owns and that can pitch it caught in the clutches of the Moldovan SIB (Service of information and security, an analogue of KGB). Especially their Moscow curators and the distribution circuits dedicated to Transnistria of Russian money. Can only admire the genius of Kremlin officials, started in 2011, the operation on the change of power in Transnistria, in which Shevchuk became President.


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