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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Belarusians snapped at censorship of the film about love between a Ukrainian and a Crimean

Ukraine has few restrictions on its territory, diplomats of “independence” has decided to censor and bordering States. The foreign Ministry of Belarus received a note of protest from the Ukrainian Embassy. The reason for the disturbance was the Russian “Crimea. With favourite do not leave”, which was to be released in autumn.

photo: youtube.com

Frame from the film “Crimea. With favourite do not leave”.

Artistic, the picture, shot by Director and TV presenter Alexei pimanovym, talks about the love of a young Ukrainian women to young coffee. Drama unfolds on the background of the events of spring 2014. Therefore, Ukraine calls it propaganda and intends to prohibit its hire in Belarus.

The recent Ukrainian diplomats only do that around the world send protest notes about the various movies. The French film directed by Paul Moreira “Mask of the revolution”, which talked about the role of Ukrainian radicals on the Maidan, asked to be banned. Then Poland for the screening of “Volyn” directed by Wojciech Starovskogo devoted to the Volyn massacre, the note threatened. Now Belarus scare. The official Belarusian person has not responded to a terrible cry neighbors: old Man busy with the issues of the CSTO. Only one canonically – first Deputy General Director of the enterprise “Kinovideoprokat” Andriy Razzhevaikin assured that “Crimea” to hire in Belarus is not ready. on the big screen being shown is not: “I Can assure you that we have this film to be shown in theaters was not planned. However, Russian distributors have already announced it’s in talks with cinemas to show the film.

While officials contemplating how to respond to the note from the neighbor, the Belarusian social networks is a big dispute. Some, but very few citizens say that the display of Russian film about the Crimea Belarus does not need. But most affected by “guidance” of the Ukrainian side. That is what is written in the Belarusian social networks: “I Think notes nobody will be frightened and after the trailer release the film completely. We are an independent country and can afford to show different points of view.”

“So good boots, we must take” (from). That is to look at Bandera rage. A year and a half the second series – “the Crimean bridge””.

“The film – Yes, another pseudo-Patriotic blockbuster! A little “cranberry”, a bit of the Crimea, a little Sex, a little action… I will Not go and will not watch. But our “brothers” from the South wish to restrain their ambitions. Something you point us often and “notes” to speak…”

“If the Ukrainians forbid everything, then that’s their problem. Why Belarus must be because they suffer ordinary citizens? They are so not sweet, though artists will listen to what you want, and on any movies go”.

“The best advertising film, and free to do the same than europejskie notes and think hard”.

“Well, let’s say Crimea is propaganda. Well, let’s indignation is justified. But they did their nationalist Nedobitko that our betrayed, in the streets the portraits are. And how here to be? That’s the question.”

“The territorial integrity of Kiev had to struggle in 2014 in the Crimea , and not in 2017 in Minsk cinemas”.

“At a time when the Embassy of Ukraine expresses its protest note, ordinary Ukrainians are buying tickets at the box office of cinemas in the Republic of Belarus”.

“If there is nothing the Embassy of Ukraine to do, indicate that you can watch in Belarus and what is not, then it’s time to put them in place or send on the spot.”

In General, the interest in Belarus thanks to the efforts of the Ukrainian Embassy, apparently woke up.


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