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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Modern civilization, people are not needed: the disposal of excess population is a global trend

The current crisis of the welfare state caused by deep, underlying causes, without overcoming which to return to human life and human relations in society is impossible.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The welfare state is the most important fundamental achievement of mankind in the form in which we understand it now. His goal is to free people from the stultifying and obessilennaya his struggle for existence, fear for the future, from routine care to develop him and give him the opportunity to focus their growing forces on the home.

The important question then is, what are the benefits to consider are natural, necessary for human life and therefore afforded him by the government. In the Soviet Union to free benefits treated not only education, health, social support and security (it is worth mentioning that in some States of Germany called the police but they can not call the name of the offender must pay for the call); state subsidized and housing, transport and leisure, and food, and medicine, and children’s clothing. While it is clear that with the development of society, the complications of human life are growing and the needs — and, consequently, should grow and become more diverse circle provide him benefits.

It is clear that any slowdown created a huge threat for arranged in such a way of the future. However, the main problem of the welfare state is different. When in its creation and the welfare of the masses was achieved the first results, when it could guarantee the people the decision of the primary, elementary, self-evident tasks — getting rid of hunger and disease, safety, literacy, domestic comfort and social growth, on the agenda was the key question of human existence: what is important for which the welfare state gives people comfort? Simply put, for what man lives?

The first with this problem faced the most advanced in social terms in the society of the twentieth century — the Soviet Union, but then in the same position and were forced to compete in order to follow his example, developed countries of the West.

The world’s first fully automated factory (manufacturing of automobile pistons) was put into operation in our country under Stalin in 1950 (in the US, a similar plant was established only at the end of 1954). However, the pace of automation has slowed sharply because the state didn’t know how to take and organize thus liberated workers.

It was assumed that the additional time one will develop, but proper incentives for this could not be established. Strictly speaking, in conditions of desperate international and domestic competition was not before, but in addition control structures and science had neither any interest nor the proper tools for this task.

The Soviet Union is delicately called “problem free time”; a little later, with her facing the West. The point was that, not being able to take his man began to deteriorate or have become a factor of destabilization of society.

While the main factor of development was the state interested in social stability, it provide its curb technological progress. However it was an excessive price: in fact, the person took away the meaning of life — the possibility of joint development, replacing it with the development of private, individual, isolated from others, which is a critically important part of people are not able and which in General is non-productive, that it leads to waste, not to increase the public domain.

The immediate reaction to this unnatural human position was the growth of dependency as we do, and in the West. Since the dependency spread out the masses, they lost the ability to protect their interests from the ruling elite.

When transnational corporations in the West have become more powerful than States, the latter abandoned its goal of social stability for the purpose of corporations: growth efficiency. The result is a welfare state, dependency undermined the foundations of its existence, beginning to curl, and the destruction of the Soviet Union was the beginning of a new era.

On the one hand, transnational corporations have become global and, finally subdued state your short term goals and logic. With another technological breakthrough is made in our bones, increased labour productivity, so that large part of humanity has become redundant, surplus to the production of the necessary tangible and intangible benefits. The greatest gap between produced and consumed was observed in inherited from the past industrial era the middle class, which will be disposed of. He destroyed wherever transnational corporations began to dominate the national government: first, in post-colonial Africa, then in Latin America then in the Arab world, then in the former socialist world.

At the turn of the century came the turn of the middle class of the developed countries of the West, but its full-scale utilization started only under the pressure of the crisis of 2008-2009.

It is important that the growth of labor productivity, provide information technology, buries not only the traditional welfare state but also gave rise to the idea of humanism as such.

Humanism grew out of a situation when everyone had a commercial value, as with proper maintenance provided income. Accordingly, its destruction or deterioration meant a loss of profit was mismanagement.

Today man is no longer needed for production; he is important only as a factor of consumption, but the destruction of the market economy and deprives him of this role. As a result, humanity is today at a crossroads, the most vivid expression of which is the crisis of the traditional welfare state. Continuation of present trends does the main task of the mankind, the disposal of excess population.

Strictly speaking, the representatives of the global business do not hesitate for 40 years. And we see this recycling in underdeveloped countries — in the form of direct killing and vymanivaniya as during the “Arab spring” or a variety of liberal reforms (demographic losses from which Russia, for example, in 2016 exceeded the losses from the Nazi invasion to the Russian Federation as of 1946).

In developed countries the middle class is impoverished, formed ghettos, and not only national: whites in the United States have already begun to die, though not in the way we in the 1990s. Important projects is the care in virtual reality, more vivid and rich than the present, and the provision of guaranteed minimum income sufficient for a short and not disturbing others existence. In fact, a project of the coagulation, the destruction of humanity, dip it into a new “Dark age” for self-destructive parasitism of global speculators.

Part of it is being made in our country attempt to replace the welfare state subsidiary, we understand the Russian liberals as the minimization of social support. If a welfare state’s goal is the most complete, harmonious development of man, the vicarious — again, not scientific, and in modern liberal understanding of it — reduces support people to rapidly serialdevice minimum threshold to ensure social stability, and passes the saved resources global speculators and ensure the prosperity of the comprador elite. In 2000 the project “Strategy-2010” edited by Gref, the task of replacing the social state subsidiary was put right; the indication of this anti-constitutional measures have led to the withdrawal of the slogan, but the policy remained, and is to this day very consistently.

Alternative semicastrate and degradation of mankind is the revival of a social state to a qualitatively new level by creating a system of incentives for collective self-development of the human personality, due to the return of a person of non-market meaning of existence, because experience shows that the lifetime of the individual for the sake of consumption and the transformation of man into a tool of profit in the new environment are already not progress, as in the days of capitalism, and to the collective suicide and nothing more.

For Russia, this task is simplified by the continuing era of national betrayal: the scale of the destruction caused by liberal reforms such that simple restoration of the self-evident is a decade and will give the society of creative inertia, which could then be directed in a particular direction.

In addition, the global depression will lead to the disintegration of the world into macro-regions, and in these conditions we already offer humanity a new civilization model, based on a mutually beneficial collective development, which is a natural shell for the foreign policy of the welfare state a new type.


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