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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lenin or Kerensky: run away or Bulk in a dress

Alexei Navalny started a campaign for the presidency in 2018. On radio “Echo of Moscow”, he unveiled his election program. It is flawless. A completely independent court, the most humane court in the world. It is, of course, will judge impartially and neangazhirovannye all sorts of swindlers and thieves. Personally Mr. Navalny is now ready to close Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (ducks do not burn!), as well as leading advocates of the country, Dmitry Kiselev and Vladimir Solovyov for inciting war. President Putin did not touch. Duma to dissolve the hell out of there, the new deputies to collect absolutely free elections which allowed all parties and candidates. Thus, improving the investment climate, which will give the flourishing of private enterprise. This economic part of the program Alexei Navalny ends, but starts political. The Crimea — problem is unsolvable in the short term, and therefore it is ours. Just in case you can arrange a new referendum with the assistance of the OSCE, but it is little changed. Ukraine still does not recognize it, so that everything will remain their until better times.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

So, for all the good against the bad? You can drink without clinking glasses. Was “echo” given to the candidate and other issues, for example, in the answer for those who tamed. Do not substitute, not throwing ones? Of course, the answer. We have the President responsible for everything. And for all.

But I would have asked differently. Well if Alex knows the history of Russia? Where 100 years ago it took the February revolution? Who is to blame and what to do? Why, then, once split the country? And why only the radical Bolsheviks terrible and blood can restore it?

And the answer to the first question. To revolution, turmoil, revolt then led exclusively to the incompetent policy of the king and his corrupt entourage. (Apologete Nicholas II, Natalya Poklonskaya note). And so always was and will be. Therefore, Bulk is not my fault that he exists and plays on the weak points of modern power. The power to substitute itself to complete the program. But what’s next? On Mr. Navalny’s debate with Strelkov-Girkin, the hero Slawinski and the entire Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war first stage. Effectively and efficiently, you can’t miss the nationalists, because Alex wants to be President of all Russians.

But it is something that on the surface, the spray of champagne. But economist Andrei Movchan, the existence of which does not know Ksenia Sobchak, to talk poorly? Yes, the economy — thing is boring. She had to study, it is necessary to know. And he said: “All for fair elections!” and problems solve themselves. Easy and simple.

Bulk for power is very important element of the decor. She needed to fish in the hole was not asleep. There, in the Kremlin understand this. At least in one of its towers. Fabulous release directly from the courtroom, but on the mayoral elections in Moscow proof. Draining dirt on high-ranking officials (especially for FBK!) too. Power, of course, afraid of Bulk, but uses it. Navalny is not afraid of power, but also uses it. And live.

But Navalny is not obliged to enter into a position of power. Not going to go along with it. Don’t have to listen to: wait, now is not the time to think about the fate of the Motherland. He is a politician and that explains a lot. He wants power and that explains everything.

They did not touch him, but imprisoned brother. And this is the Jesuit torture moral. Whether Bulk, as Ulyanov-Lenin, to take revenge for his brother? But in a dispute of a century ago Lenin-Plekhanov Plekhanov closer to me. Or the date, should a gap year, to wait for appropriate conditions — right according to Marx? But Lenin went the other way and won. Actually, if you look at how he masterfully used the situation as manipulated her customized for themselves — amazing.

And so Bulk. He seems to be denying the whole existing system of coordinates. Their courts, their ordinances, their laws, their Constitution means nothing, because it is built on a global deception. I myself decree and the law — tacitly proclaims Bulk. He did not seem to notice the existing order of things, laughs in their faces, rushing like a tank. A real politician!

But I would ask again: do you know what is Chechnya and what is Ramzan Kadyrov? In my opinion, this is the main issue of the moment. Once Navalny said that he resented the footage to YouTube, in Grozny, a girl with uncovered head spit in the truest sense of the word. “The Federation should be a single law” — said Navalny. Absolutely right! But how? To start a third Chechen? It is death and decay. Or better godit Putin. Rather, the country has no good way out, it’s either a horrible end or horror without end. Both are worse.

If and when Navalny will become President, that will make Kadyrov? Swear the new Supreme ruler, as it is not so! He, Kadyrov, signed in love only with Putin, on the words he is loyal only to him. If the government will change, Kadyrov would wave all of us handle, only it and see. Or (this is getting worse) will send its special forces into Moscow to understand clearly.

It is a utopia? But when, in 1989, Alexander Kabakov has released his “the Defector”, where Lithuanian and Georgian troops were exchanging fire with the feds around the perimeter, a puzzled with amazement. And turned out to be true. First Chechnya, who’s next? So begins “the Domino principle”.

So who is Alexei Navalny today? Lenin? Yeltsin? Maybe Kerensky, riding for a few months of havoc, and then escaped in a dress? However, the fake news. It is Bulk, and it explains a lot. That is, does not explain anything.

The Bulk Business. Chronicle of events

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