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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Grey” SIM card will live another year

This week the state Duma intends to adopt the laws on the regulation of messengers and identify users SIM cards. Authorities can prohibit messengers sending any information to the text of one of documents. But the stringency of the control can be assessed only after the government will write with all stipulated regulations.

photo: Alex geldings

The bills in question were submitted to the Duma on behalf of senators and deputies, but was developed with the support of the Kremlin and with the participation of concerned agencies like the FSB, the interior Ministry and Roskomnadzor. During the discussion before the first reading of the majority of experts argued that without significant improvement the proposed mechanisms of regulation do not earn, and if earned, are unlikely to be effective. And here the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications approved the texts for the second reading — that they will become law, because in the third reading substantive edit can not be made.

From 1 January 2018 all messengers (“organizers im”) will be obliged under the threat of blocking to identify their users through SIM card and a text message. Initially it was assumed a single scheme for the Russian messenger, and foreign, but a second reading between them has occurred. Foreign owners (and the majority of popular instant messengers like Telegram just foreign), if now they when you subscribe do not require the user mobile phone number, have to conclude contracts with the Russian mobile operators. For users of the resources will remain free, assured “MK” in the state Duma. The government then itself prescribe how it will look like identification procedure in this case.

And Russian resources like “Vkontakte” allowed “yourself” to identify users through the definition of a subscriber number, not by entering into special contracts with mobile operators. But here the government, if you want, then specify the order of action.

During the day a messenger would be obliged to block the transmission of illegal information by a court decision and the subsequent request of Roskomnadzor, but again “in the order determined by the government.” Second reading separately prescribed for another mysterious requirement to prevent the transmission of electronic messages to users of the service “in cases and order established by the government”. What are these “cases” not specified, which allows to assume anything. In profile Committee of the “MK” was told that we are talking about cases of mass distribution of illegal information, such as advertising drugs, incitement to terrorism or announcements uncoordinated mass actions. In the first reading really wanted to introduce the possibility of “mass mailing” at the request of the authorities, but now the mention about “mass mailing” from the text disappeared! “In our legislation there is no clear concept of a mass mailing, and when it should be stopped, can be set. It should be noted that the Constitution and Russian laws prohibit the restriction of dissemination of information, if this information is not illegal,” — said the “MK” head of the Committee Leonid Levin (“CP”).

Against the adoption of this bill in the first reading was made by the LDPR faction. The second reading of her position has not changed, confirmed “MK” Vadim Denikin: “control of the messengers should be, but you cannot take away from the user convenient free online without convincing reason, and without offering anything in return, besides there remain doubts about the technical feasibility of it is written.”

Interestingly, to block the messengers who are not identified users via SIM cards, will begin with the New year, but to identify all users themselves SIM cards will be able to power only after 5 months after that: the entry into force of the bill (it will also be taken this week) at the request of the operators was postponed to 1 June 2018.

“We are talking about the gradual formation of the system, and identification is the most difficult moment”, — told “MK” a reprieve, Mr. Levin. Besides “through the messengers now being distributed a lot more illegal content than SMS, and delay would be improper,” say the Committee.

So only from June 2018 to combat the illegal sale of anonymous SIM cards of legal entities that have concluded corporate agreements for a service SIM cards will be able to pay for the connection only by Bank transfer. User of corporate SIM cards will be able to pay in cash only in the case if he identified himself to the operator. These rules apply to contracts signed before the law came into force. If the citizen has paid for a SIM card anonymous, but not identified, the money will be returned to him and the connection block. Will block number and in that case, if Roskomnadzor will find: in fact, communication is not one on whom number is registered, and send the operator the relevant regulation. As Roskomnadzor will check the user data, is unclear.

Bought on the street in Simcoe grey, decorated on the already non-existent bogus “Horns and hoofs”, or a former employee of the real, but bankrupt companies or abolished organizations will be able to apply the operator to identify the passport and to keep the room for themselves. If you want to, of course.


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