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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Democrat, Jewish, Jewish woman, 70-year-old head of the US Federal reserve has ceased to hold trump

Surrounded by Donald trump mulling the decision not to recommend to the President to reassign the post of head of the Federal reserve system (fed) Janet Yellen, when next year ends its first mandate period. This was reported recently by Bloomberg. At the same time, according to two employees trompowsky administration, which anonymously refers to the Agency, and finally from the accounts Yellen has not yet deducted.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Rumors that the days of Janet Yellen to chair the chief banker of the USA are numbered, went before. However, on April 12, answering a question of the correspondent, The Wall Street Journal, “baked” if Yellen, trump replied: “No, not baked”. However, these words are not a promise to renominate the fed Chairman for the next mandate period. At the same time to remove it prematurely trump. More specifically, it may, but only incompetent, it is absolutely impossible to prove given the track record of Yellen: prior to his current post in February 2014, she was the Chairman of the fed, the President of the Federal reserve Bank of San Francisco, held many other high posts.

What is not satisfied trompowsky team, Ms. Yellen? In short, everything. This 70 year old lady — Democrat, a liberal, a Jew originally from new York, in addition, the first ever U.S. female fed Chairman. These parameters are quite enough to make her dislike ultra-conservative characters of the number trompowsky close. But more importantly, the trump of new York, not from Nevada, Montana, Alabama or Texas. The conservative lavadamaldanado state is not the same as a conservative from proresults state.

Let’s not forget that during last year’s election campaign, trump criticized Yellen for the “artificial maintenance at a low level” interest rates “to help Barack Obama.” What is really on the mind of the current President of the United States, is unknown. Recently, however, there was a rumor (spread usually knowledgeable Internet Politico) that trump wants in February of next year to put at the head of the fed, Gary Cohn, chief economic Advisor to the White house. This man, in the words of Reuters, can be head of the fed, “is that the country’s Trampling”: it has no economic education, he’s just tenacious trader and self-taught from a wall street firm Goldman Sachs, where, however, managed to rise to the rank of President. At stake is absolutely not the restraint, which should be inherent in the head of the Central Bank of the largest economy in the world: his “plain truth”, which he throws in their public statements, is able to scare away all the global financial markets.

Meanwhile, at a recent hearing in the U.S. Congress on the state of the American economy, lawmakers from both parties met Janet Yellen friendly (and trump it should also be taken into account). The head of the house Committee on financial institutions Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling said that the intention of the fed to further increase interest rates is good news and another good news is the fed’s plans to reduce the debt portfolio of the government of the United States.

Interestingly, on the stock exchange investors rejoice in the words of Yellen, for the opposite reason: because the fed is not going to tighten its policy too quickly. According to all forecasts (and cautious Yellen hints) this year will be only one rate hike by the fed — at the end of the year. This is seen as a continuation of the soft monetary policy of the us Federal reserve and as a manifestation of the “dovish” Yellen preferences.

Experts see in this regard, both positive and negative consequences for the Russian economy. In the short term, slow the rate of increase in us interest rate useful for Russia: the policy of the Federal reserve promotes a low exchange rate of the dollar against other currencies and higher prices for oil — it is inversely proportional to the dollar. The oil is known to be the main source of income for the Russian budget. But in the long run, such a model does not give Russia off the “oil needle”, preserving the raw model of the economy.

New York.


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